Nutrition Network is thrilled to announce its latest offering – Sports Nutrition, a Professional Training in Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction for

The moment all over again, we’ve pulled together some of the worlds top industry experts in sports activities and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction remedy, to provide you major, versatile on the net finding out, allowing you to turn into specialised in the efficient implementation of physique and lifestyle transformations as a result of exercise and sports activities nourishment. 


Skilled contributors include things like: 


Prof Tim Noakes: My daily life in Sports Diet: from Large Carbs to Higher Fat

Tracey McBeath: Exercising & Fashionable Women of all ages

Dr Tro Kalyjian: Lower Carbohydrate Eating plans & Athletic General performance

Dr Ben Bocchiccio: Physical exercise as if Your Lifestyle Depended on it. Here’s Why it Does.

Laurie Rauch: Nourishing your Muscle tissues

Andre Obradovic: How ought to we Training when we are Shifting to Minimal Carbohydrate Significant Fat (LCHF) Diet

Holden McRae: LCHF: Metabolically Adaptable for both Reduced and Greater Intensity Exercising


This groundbreaking information addresses topics that practice on the major physiological mechanisms driving substantial depth exercise’s overall health added benefits and delivers insight into the facts clients and consumers have to have to make lasting and productive transform.


Is this training for you? It certain is, if you are a clinician, coach, or physical exercise expert eager to attain insights into: 


  • How to exercise when relocating to very low carbohydrate significant fats (LCHF) nutrition
  • Why work out is important
  • The greater way of life context in which workout is most efficient
  • The role of carbohydrate loading in efficiency
  • The metabolic consequences of carbohydrate loading for athletic general performance
  • The metabolic outcomes of exogenous carbohydrate ingestion for athletic overall performance
  • The difficulties with the clinical implementation of a lower carbohydrate weight loss plans in athletes
  • New details pertaining to low carbohydrate approaches for recreational and elite athletes
  • And considerably considerably much more

All information is supported by downloadable resources and references to pertinent journal content articles and literature, and a certiifcate of completion. 

This remarkably predicted teaching launches conclude June 2022 and is at present open up for enrolment at a 30% Early Fowl price cut, for only $230. Enrol listed here.


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