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How To Save Big Money On San Francisco Dentures

How To Save Big Money On San Francisco Dentures

The cost of dentures, like all other dental care, is growing regularly and has gotten to the point where many people simply can’t afford to pay for them, regardless of whether they need them or not. This is especially true with many of our seniors who happen to live on fixed incomes and can’t afford to let go of any extra money, even with the help of Medicare.

Fortunately, there is an inexpensive alternative that has helped thousands of individuals and families save money on their dental care. This alternative to traditional dental insurance is called a discount dental plan.

You can save as much as 60% off of the usual cost of dentures by simply joining a discount plan in your area and seeing a dentist that participates in the plan. Don’t worry because there are thousands of them in the USA. Let’s do an example.

Here’s an example of a discount dental plan in the San Francisco, California area, zip code 94120. This particular discount plan only costs $119.95 per year for an individual or just $159.95 per year if you need a plan for the entire family.

The usual cost of an upper denture, based on a national survey conducted in 2005, is $1,252. This cost may be more or less, depending upon where you live, the dentist you see and the grade and type of dentures that you buy. The cost of an upper denture if you use this particular discount plan is only $500.00. That’s a savings of $752.00! If you deduct the cost of a family plan, $159.95, from that $752.00 savings, you’ll still come out ahead $592.05 or you’ll come out ahead $632.05 if you only need an individual dental plan.

So if you are in need of San Francisco dentures or if you need dentures wherever you may live, you should seriously consider a discount dental plan as an option before you end up paying full price.