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Youthing, Not Aging

Youthing, Not Aging

It is not a new concept that “you are as young as you feel.” This is great news, unless, of course, you feel old.

As we wake up to living today, we must let go of obsolete, outdated beliefs. Symptoms we attribute to old age are: slowing down, feeling aches and pains, poor eyesight and hearing, forgetting important information, getting sick, etc. These are all the same symptoms of toxicity. Quite simply, when we do not release toxicity, we grow old.

So, how about it? Do you want to grow young or grow old? You have a choice. The sooner you activate your option of growing younger, the sooner you can experience yourself healthy and young and wise.

“I’m youth, I’m joy,
I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.”

— James Matthew Barrie

I have chosen the above quotation because of its delightful meaning of youth. A chick or bird works hard to break out of its egg. Mother bird can assist somewhat, but it is the determination of the babe that breaks through the calcification of the egg shell.

Breaking Your Shell

What is the calcification in your egg shell? Is it anger or jealousy? Is it a memory of the past or fear of the future? Is it competition, separation, or worship of money?

Knowing what it is you must break through is important to your evolution. It is not, however, necessary to dwell on it or analyze it to the point of exhaustion. Simply recognize the breakthrough issue in a word or two and then …… break through.

The chick needs to recognize “shell” or “calcium” — even using its nutrition. It does not blame its mother or God for putting the shell there nor is it angry that the shell did not break sooner. The chick simply knows, now is the time! And it is born.

Thoughts Create Reality

What great power is knowing that thoughts create reality! If you cannot accept that this is true, assume for a few moments that it is. If your thoughts create your reality and you are not content with your present reality, all you need to do is change your thoughts. The level of consciousness with which you put the thoughts into the universe determines the speed with which the new reality manifests.

So, if you have an untenable relationship with your boss and you accept this condition as truth and affirm it in your self talk, you continue the relationship as it is. If, however, you consider that the uncomfortable aspects of the relationship are temporary and can be changed, you take the first step in changing the relationship. This is not simply about positive thinking (though that is a good start). The change must be deeper than just “thinking about.” You must believe it, deep in your heart. You must know that it is possible. You must feel the idea, as well. A passion for change fires the vision that puts the new reality within your grasp.

Perhaps you are not all that enthusiastic about a change. That is fine, also, because you can just relax and let your reality change. Letting go of the belief that you must control the outcome is an important part of the change process. If your thoughts are positive and optimistic and joyous, the changes will take place in those directions.

And just in case that all I am saying is incorrect, consider how much more satisfying will be your relationship with your boss if you have positive thoughts and compassionate feelings and view both of you as being able to change.

Activities for Youthing

Play. Play at what you love to play. If your “play” is competitive or intense, find some leisure play to balance the intensity.

Laugh. Laugh at something. Or just laugh. Laughter brings oxygen into your body and exercises inner muscles and facial muscles.

Play with Children. I recently visited a friend who is a retired kindergarten teacher. At age 66, she looks 46 and has the spirit of a 22 year old.

Monitor your self-talk about age. Listen to yourself. For example, do you say…… “Oh gosh, I really feel old today.” Or, “Well, what can you expect after age 40?” Or, “I’m just too old for ….” Stop, stop, stop! These and many other beliefs and expressions are responsible for the aging you observe and accept as inevitable. These false beliefs become real only because so many people believe them.

Listen to Guided Visualizations. Many are on the market. You may want to focus particularly on health and well-being and vitality or other attributes we associate with youth. We even have some online for your listening with my healing voice.

Look at you as a child. Find a happy picture of yourself at an early age, say 3-6 years of age. Look at this picture often. While you may not want to be three years old again, or even eight years old, you want the child-like feelings of wonder and playfulness. In your maturity, you can claim these. If you like, you can take a peek of me at age 3.

Take Care of Yourself. Do those self-care measures that you believe support your health and well-being. Do this for only one reason: self-love!

Affirmations for Youthing. Here are several affirmations that you can use everyday. They are especially useful on your birthday.

Each day I grow younger and wiser.

I love life.

I am beautiful. I feel beautiful.

I am healthy and strong.

I have all the time I need to do all I love to do.

I claim my birthright to be healthy, happy, and free!

You can find or develop other affirmations that support you in being young, healthy, and positive.