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Why You Should Use Toggle Jewelry Clasps

Why You Should Use Toggle Jewelry Clasps

If you like making jewelry, then you may be interested in finding new ways to make sure that your jewelry fits safely and securely, without any risk of it falling off and getting broken. There are lots of different types of jewelry clasps available on the market, including magnetic, screw and lobster claw clasps. Each type of fastening has its own pros and cons, and individual fastenings may be chosen by jewelry makers for many different reasons. One type of fastening which is becoming much more popular at the moment is the toggle clasp. Here are some of the main benefits of using toggle jewelry clasps in your home jewelry making projects.

Easy to use
Toggle jewelry clasps are very easy to use, because they are not as fiddly as some of the other clasps which are available on the market. To use a toggle, simply turn the T bar end so that it is in line with the chain of your bracelet, and then slot it through the ring on the other end of the jewelry chain. Once the T bar has been threaded, allow it to fall back into the standard T position, and the bracelet should be securely closed. The tension provided by your wrist will prevent the jewelry from falling off. To take the jewelry off, simply turn the T bar back round so that it is in line with the chain again, and slot it back though the loop. It is much easier for people with limited dexterity to use these kinds of jewelry clasps than it would be for them to use a small lobster claw fastening, or a fastening which needed to be screwed and unscrewed. It is sometimes possible to buy larger fastenings, to make it even easier to use.

Toggle jewelry clasps have been in use for years, and a gold or silver toggle will help to give jewelry a really timeless, classic look. The clasp itself can even become part of the jewelry design, if it is a non-standard fastening which includes engravings or other artwork. For example, some toggles require the wearer to pass the T bar component through a heart shaped piece, rather than the standard circular loop piece. This will help to hold the jewelry securely, whilst helping to add an extra, pretty detail to the jewelry. Of course, it is also possible to buy simple plastic (or other material) toggle fastenings which can be used for more casual pieces of jewelry.

Make your own
Because of the simplicity of the design, it is actually really easy for jewelry makers to fashion their own toggle jewelry clasps. In fact, many jewelry makers make their own fun and funky fastenings out of things which they are recycling. All that you need is a component which can be made into a loop and something which is solid enough to act as the T bar in the toggle. There are plenty of ideas and experimental designs which you can try out.