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How to Form a 5x5x5 Softball League

How to Form a 5x5x5 Softball League

If you find 15 slow pitch softball players you can form your own league using the 5x5x5 format.

By running FREE ads in the sports pages of your local paper you will get players. Use craigslist.org also. Check the local church leagues and you will find many players. Post ads at the local YMCA-exercise gyms-schools/colleges.

As an example, we’ll call these teams Red & White & Blue. You will have 3 teams of 5 players each.

The 5 players on the Red team bats first. The White team plays 1st base-2nd base-shortstop-3rd base-catcher. The Blue team plays left field-left center field-right center field-right field-pitcher.

Play standard slow pitch rules.

Score the runs the Red team earns until they get 3 outs then all 3 teams rotate. Red team players go the outfield positions and pitcher… White team players go in to bat… Blue team players move to the infield positions. Resume play.

After the White team gets to 3 outs the teams rotate again. White team goes to the outfield positions and pitcher… Red team goes to the infield positions… Blue team goes in to bat.

After all 3 teams bat the 1st inning is completed. Play 7 innings using this format.

Play a doubleheader once a week and you have your own softball league. If you can get 20 players you can form 2 standard 10-player teams and move from the 5x5x5 format to the 10-player standard team format. You again play doubleheaders once a week and you have a slow pitch softball league.

Go on the Internet or call your local softball organizations such as ASA… USSSA… NSA and ask them about sanctioning fees (this will cover insurance liabilities) and add credibility to your league and qualify you for local & regional & national tournaments.

They can also provide certified umpires for the games (use certified umpires to add more credibility to your league which will promote growth). Contact your local parks department about renting softball field/s. Add up the cost of your expenses and charge each player/team a league entry fee to cover the costs (this fee is usually very low for an entire season).

Your league can be a co-ed league with male & female players combined, an all male or all female league, or a senior league consisting of players over 50 years of age.

Work to expand your league each year and you will find it will grow quickly. Softball is the #1 amateur sport played in the United States and is growing worldwide.