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ViSalus Sciences Review – The Home Business and Opportunity Review

ViSalus Sciences Review – The Home Business and Opportunity Review

ViSalus is a business that utilizes the MLM business model to distribute various health and nutritional products. ViSalus was founded in 2005. First, take into account that the company has been around for about 6 years. Usually, 95% of business’s fail in the first 5 years. Because they have made it past that 5 year crunch, ViSalus has shown that it is solid, which provides the representative with a sense of security if time & effort are to be invested. This company operates out of Troy, Michigan. Co-Founder & CEO, Ryan Blair, along with other Executive team members have utilized their core values to build a strong foundation of integrity for this company, which is significant for the longevity of any opportunity. If you are wondering if ViSalus is a scam, it has also been highlighted by multiple third-party resources including CNBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes magazine. This business is well documented, and is clearly positioned for future growth as well. This is a terrific thing because you have the opportunity to put yourself in the position to take advantage of the momentum for when the company does hit critical mass.

ViSalus products are mainly geared towards providing Weight loss shakes, but they also provide anti-aging products, energy drinks, nutritional supplements, and other health & wellness products. ViSalus challenges the customer to take the 90-day weight loss challenge, and so far they have an unbelievable amount of testimonials from people who successfully went through the program, and the product really does seem to be top-notch.

As for the business opportunity connected with ViSalus, there are multiple ways to get paid. You make money with ViSalus through retail profits, fast start payments, various leadership bonuses, car incentives (BMW), and some other ways as well. If you want to get the detailed version of the compensation plan, I would recommend reading the updated|most recent version of the company’s official document. Especially, if you want to know how to quickly advance up the ranks. To get started with ViSalus, you have the choice of paying anywhere from $49 for a starter kit up to $999 for the amount of optional product that you can receive as apart of a Fast Pack Enrollment Package to start marketing the products for retail profits immediately.

In closing, ViSalus is a credible and solid business opportunity that has been around for about 6 years. The foundation of the business seems to be very stable, the products are top-notch, and the compensation plan can be very profitable for the right person. Ultimately, having a terrific company isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that should be in review. The answer is having a marketing strategy that will help you solve the problem in your mission to not only market the product, but to recruit new reps as well. My suggestion is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing System that helps you brand yourself, helps you produce your own leads, helps you to make money even when people choose not to join your ViSalus business, and even helps you recruit more representatives into ViSalus in the back-end of your system. If you can master leveraging the internet while using offline techniques to build your business as well, you will be well in control of your revenue with your ViSalus business.