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Stress Relief and Thinking

Stress Relief and Thinking

Stress relief is your concern as you are reading this. We encounter high traffic, increasing bills, demanding work schedules and family. The unavoidable outcome is stress, tensions and anxieties.

Our thinking effects stress

People perception and thinking for same event or situation is different. Here are two examples.
We were visiting our religious shrine last year. We were traveling by bus. When we reach there were many visitors like us. I was indifferent to numbers of people and crowd. My wife was happy that lot of people were there. My daughter was unhappy. This normal situation gave stress to my daughter. Her thinking was because of lot of people there will be long lines and it will take much of time in waiting only. Here understand this is her thought only. What will be? She did not know. Her perceived lines and waiting gave her stress.

Let us see other event.

My fast friend was having guest for dinner at Saturday. They were two families of his coworkers. This was their regular rotating monthly dinner and this month it was their turn. Last time they have served very different ice-cream, which was appreciated by all. My friend was looking for Saturday. Same was case with his two daughters. Her wife was different. She was feeling tense. Her thinking was for what to do, so people like, love and appreciate. This made her stressful. You note here her thinking only gave her stress.

Stress Management

We have physiological and psychological stress. Psychological stress is through mind and thinking. There are much more suggestions, tips and programs for relief for calming and quieting mind through different methods. I believe all that is helpful but does not address the core of the problem. The core is our thinking and that affect us. I try to channelize our thinking for good from bad, positive from negative. I know meditation may lessen our thinking. Thoughtlessness though attainable it is for sages and I am not that. So I try to do something on thinking front. I have one positive thinking tool. We think good and positive with this. You also will benefit from this.
Physiological stress is mainly through physical ailments, injuries, handicaps etc. Here also mind and thinking play very important role. In fact now doctors say that 95% of ailments are psychosomatic. So it is crucial we address our thinking for stress management.

Do we think?

I say you do not know how to think. You are thinking now. This fellow is crazy. Since childhood I am thinking and he says I do not know how to think. You are right we all think since birth.
But think seriously. I am telling, we are not thinking at all, we are always reacting.

We always react to
1. Things
2. Events
3. Happening

Think for a while and you will know that you always react to,
1. Something an object
2. Some events or
3. Some person or happening

If I ask you is there any thing common between you and Einstein, Picasso or Spielberg? You will stare at me and your thought might be ‘Einstein, Picasso, Spielberg are the greats, the genius.’
This is normal and we all think this way. Now let us think what happened?

I ask is there any thing common between you and Einstein, Picasso or Spielberg? And your thought would be ‘Einstein, Picasso, Spielberg are the greats, the genius.’ Calmly think about this. This is your reaction only. You have to think for commonality between you and these men.
What you thought were difference, the great, genius etc. Actually, thinking is a task. Thinking is also a work, a job to complete and it has to be systematic. It has to be deliberate. I am fool if I tell you importance of thinking in one’s life. But I will tell you one thing. Two basic things for our survival are breathing and thinking. Can you live without breath? Will your mind is without thought?


Still we all are ignorant about both these things. We do not know how to think and we do not know how to breathe. The goal is not to be Einstein, Picasso or Spielberg. The goal is to be stress free. Stress is more a reaction so it is very important we control such reactions. Through proper thinking we will be better equipped for that. Let us take the first step. Know the basic systematic thinking and start thinking rather then reacting.

You know Systematic thinking

You are capable of good and systematic thinking. You can do really good thinking for any problem or task. But you have doubt about your own ability. Let me give you one example and you will know and say ‘Hey so sweet. I know this’ Think of naming of a Child. In our family or some others family. Christening a child is always a happy event.

What we do,
1. We gather different names.
2. We list them in many ways. Boys names, Girls names. Birth signs wise.
3. We evaluate them and then we
4. Select the name

This we have done unknowingly very deliberate and systematic thinking. We have
1. Gather information.
2. Process that information.
3. Evaluate and
4. Select or decide

This is standard scientific method used in all the places of research from NASA to your local school laboratory. Amazing you know this but are not aware of it. Be conscious. Systematic and deliberate thinking you now know. Be aware of this and you will never react. Thinking is fundamental for our stress creation. With proper training and molding we can have very good stress relief and even be always stress free. Next I will talk of breathing. Yes we do not know how to breathe.