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Proven Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Proven Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

Looking for natural supplements for weight loss? Here are some of the popular natural supplements that are cheap and readily available in the market which are proven effective in shedding unwanted weight as well. You might have been eating these for a long time but never really had the idea that eating them in the right amount can make you lose weight. Check them out below.

Green Tea – This is a very common beverage nowadays and buying some is fairly easy. It is one of the proven and cheapest natural supplements for weight loss. Green tea stimulates thermogenesis and inhibit hepatic and body fat accumulation. It also assists in decreasing blood sugar levels. It also contains theanine which improves metabolism and suppresses appetite. All of these amazing fat burning benefits in a simple bag of green tea.

Capsaicin – This is the chemical compound found in chili peppers that give it the hot and burning sensation when eaten. This too boost metabolism just like green tea and also increase thermogenic activity of the body.

Caffeine – Caffeine when taken in the right amounts can help burn fats. This chemical compound belongs to a group called methylxanthines which is a cardiac stimulant, smooth muscle relaxants and diuretics. Hence, this is said to increase energy use and assist weight loss.

Coconut Oil – This is probably one of the recent additions of available natural supplements for weight loss today. This amazing oil promotes the reduction of body fat as well as increased metabolism. Aside from assisting weight loss, there are also other health benefits coconut oil can provide which includes improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels, better digestion, improved skin and hair health, improved immunity, natural antibacterial and antiviral properties and so much more. All of those in one natural supplement.

Vitamin D – Another common and effective natural supplements to fight weight is vitamin D. Studies at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that vitamin D helps in reducing cholesterol levels thus improving overall health and help you get back in shape. Hence, researchers are still to determine if it was done by vitamin D alone or with the help of Calcium intake. But since we are likely to intake Calcium anyway, having vitamin D a part of your daily diet is an easy way of losing weight.

There are so many other fat burning ingredients from Glucomannan to Chitosan. Researching for more of these would reveal other options available. Hence, it is important to seek professional advice before incorporating any natural supplements for weight loss in your diet to ensure health and safety.