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How to Find Discount Health Care

How to Find Discount Health Care

A discount health plan isn’t as difficult to find as you thought. If you’re unemployed or your job doesn’t give you a good health discount plan then there are other ways to become insured. These 10 options will help you decide what kind of cheap health plan is for you.

1. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) may allow you to continue on the health insurance of your prior employer. This also applies to college students who want to continue using their parent’s medical health plans. If you are already undergoing medical treatment, however, it is important to determine whether your new coverage will accept the treatment under the umbrella of its plan.

2. If you have a work related injury, a worker’s compensation plan should pay for your treatment and grant you other compensatory sums.

3. Medicaid is for low income people. Although regulations are state specific, checking for Medicaid eligibility can allow you to have a cheap health plan for you and your family. With health care reform passed, you may be eligible today even if you weren’t last year.

4. Medicare is a part of social security. You qualify if you’re sixty five or older.

5. If you have a pre-existing condition, it may be even more difficult to get discount health care. Your state may offer a High Risk Health Insurance Pool, which may be a viable alternative to paying out of pocket for expensive health care. If you don’t qualify for COBRA, this option may be for you.

6. Individual and Family Health Insurance: Buying health insurance from an insurer may be more expensive than the other options listed above, but there certainly do exist medical health plans that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Discount health insurance is a great way to save money. By choosing a low deductible, you will have a higher premium, but you will also pay less when you see a doctor or pay a trip to the hospital.

7. Short term health insurance is a good idea if you are in between jobs and need coverage over a few months. A discount health plan for a few months isn’t too difficult to find.

8. Certain groups offer membership health insurance. Rates are discounted and although, these groups don’t cover premiums, they can help you to save extra cash. If you aren’t a member of any group already, you can do some research and join one.

9. A group health expenses sharing plan can be formed between a group of friends or neighbors to cover each other’s health care. Many religious or professional groups also take this approach, but before joining one, make sure that it is reliable. The money you give is usually invested to gain interest, and used upon medical emergency.

10. Health insurance discount cards are a good way to take off the extra cash you spend on doctor visits. If you have a serious operation, these cards won’t help much since they aren’t health insurance, but for petty visits to the hospital, they may make life easier.