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Discover What to Look For When Deciding Which is the Best Brand of Fish Oil to Take

Discover What to Look For When Deciding Which is the Best Brand of Fish Oil to Take

When choosing the best brand of fish oil to take, there are some specific details that you should be looking out for because failure to do so will mean using a poor product that may not give you the health benefits that you are after; in fact they may be detrimental to your health. This may seem strange as one fish oil capsule should be just like another, after all it is the same stuff that is inside them. The reality is though that although they may all contain the same oil it is how that oil has been sourced and processed that makes all the difference.

If we first look at the sourcing of the fish then the best brand of fish oil to take is one that has used fresh fish that has not been frozen at all. This is easier said than done as many manufacturers buy fish that has been frozen at sea by the fishermen because it is cheaper. The problem with this is that as soon as that fish is frozen it makes it go rancid and also raises oxidization. If you have a tablet made from rancid fish it will repeat on you giving you really foul tasting burps and it will also increase oxidization in you which is something you do not want occurring.

Some companies try to mask the fishy taste by adding flavors or they put the oil in an enteric coated capsule so that it does not dissolve in the stomach and give you those burps. Really your capsule should be a clear softgel capsule as this dissolves in the right place for your body to absorb the oil effectively. Also with a softgel you can cut it in half and if you get a really strong fishy smell then it is rancid fish oil.

Also when choosing the best brand of fish oil to take, you want to ensure that the oil has been molecularly distilled. The reason for this is because this is a purification process that gets rid of all the toxins that are found in oily fish: toxins such as PCB’s and mercury for instance. You will come across companies claiming that their products are of a pharmaceutical grade but that is little more than a marketing ploy so ignore that and make sure it is molecularly distilled.

Finally you want to ensure that the product has high levels of DHA fat in it. There are two fats found in fish oil omega 3 and they are DHA and EPA and most products are higher in EPA. The reason that you want yours to be the other way around is because research is continually finding more benefits come from this DHA fat. For instance it is now clearly linked with enhanced brain functioning and fighting inflammation.