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BH Fitness Prisma M60 Treadmill Review

BH Fitness Prisma M60 Treadmill Review

After researching your item, taking delivery of exercise equipment can sometimes be a bit of an anti climax, given that when you open the packaging a daunting assembly process confronts you.

That’s the beauty of the BH Fitness Prisma M60 Treadmill.

1. Open the packaging
2. Decide where you want to place the treadmill and pop it there
3. Lift the console into place
4. Tighten up the screws
5. Plug in the treadmill
6. Insert the safety key
7. Start the machine and you are ready to run.

It is that simple.

But this treadmill is not a toy. It’s a fully featured piece of kit from a quality brand

The Prisma M60 features a 2.25 HP continuous duty motor. I found it quiet all the way from 0 to 22kph, even with the incline adjusted all the way to the maximum of 12%. The quick touch keys made these adjustments nice and easy too. Combine this power with ease of use and you have a treadmill that is suitable for the whole family.

Another thing I liked about the Prisma M60 was the size of the belt. BH Fitness call this an XXL belt and I have to admit it is quite a big one, measuring 126cm (50″) x 55cm (22″) Its ideal for those who haven’t used a treadmill before, just like the hand rail controls that allow you to adjust the speed and incline.

The belt itself has fantastic cushioning with the BH PCS (progressive cushioning system) technology. To spare you the science, the 8 elastomers provide the next level of cushioning compared to other treadmills in the price range. This takes care of your joints and is perfect for both preventing injury or recovering from it.

I normally just get on a treadmill, put my headphones in and run, but as I was reviewing this treadmill I gave all the programmes a whirl too.

The programmes cover all the workout targets you will normally need such as time and distance, but you can also have the option to create and store 3 custom courses. For total workout control there is the heart rate controlled programme.

The console features a display with 3 separate display windows. This made it easy to stay on track during my test run and gave me all the details I would expect including speed, distance and incline. The pulse grip sensors provide a snapshot of your current heart rate but to unlock the heart rate control functionality you will need to have a compatible chest belt.

As well as being easy to assemble, the Prisma M60 is very easy to fold away. I had no problems lifting up the deck or dropping it back down again. The clever design means you can fold away the treadmill to claim back 50% of your floor space too.

But just to go back to my original point of paying a fortune for a machine only to have to then build it being a pain. This is nothing compared to spending your hard earned money on something, only for it to break. You then have all the fuss of call centres, engineers and so on. Well this machine has a warranty to set your mind at rest. Should anything go wrong with the treadmill you simply contact BH by phone or email and they guarantee a repair within 7 days.

Because of the build quality, large deck and host of programmes I would recommend this treadmill to

  • Families with different goals and needs
  • Club level runners
  • People who want to invest in a machine that will cope as their fitness develops

So in summary I found the BH Fitness Prisma M60 Treadmill to be comfortable and easy to use. I liked the heart rate control as much as the fact it takes minutes to assemble. I suggest you don’t just take my word for it, get on one and try it for yourself!