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You Can Save Your Teeth – The VITA-MYR Story

You Can Save Your Teeth – The VITA-MYR Story

“Sorry Robert, we have done all we can and we are going to have to remove all of your teeth or you will not have enough bone and gum left in your jaw to use dentures.” This was the verdict that my husband was given by his periodontist after struggling with gum disease for twenty-eight years. He had seen his dentist and periodontist for years at great expense, undergoing three surgeries and deep cleanings in an attempt to control periodontal disease.

Despite these efforts, by this time, his teeth had become so loose that he could literally move them. He was unable to chew comfortably and was on a soft foods diet. He was in constant pain and had purplish discoloration on the inside of the gums surrounding the teeth. He is usually a very vibrant and energetic person; our kids say that he is “just like the Ever-Ready bunny, we just don’t know where he keeps his batteries.” Except that his energy had finally run out, and he was exhausted from pain and infection.

My background is in alternative medicine. My parents owned one of the first health food stores in Northern Nevada, and I was raised in the sure knowledge that given the opportunity, that is, the proper nourishment, support and mental and spiritual attitude, our bodies have the ability to heal themselves of most of our health challenges.

Robert had not been open to anything alternative, up to the point that they sent him home from the periodontists office with a sedative and an appointment to have his teeth removed. He really thought that his dentist would be able to get his gum disease under control and he saw no reason to look anywhere else. When he told me what they had planned, I reminded him that I had been researching gum disease for many years, and I had some ideas that may be of help.

I had been studying everything available on gum disease, including the oldest reference materials along with the latest literature available. He helped me to organize this material and our research led us to the conclusion that a Zinc and Folic Acid mouthwash would be beneficial. We understood that literally everyone with gum disease is lacking in Zinc and Folic Acid. The key is that Zinc and Folic Acid are absorbed, to a certain degree, by the gums. Our idea was to purchase some Zinc and Folic Acid solution, which we were sure, must be available, and then add the essential oils that are known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and have been used traditionally to fight gum disease, Clove Oil, and Myrrh.

At that time, we were not able to find a Zinc and Folic Acid solution, nor could we get our neighborhood pharmacy to compound one for us! With Robert’s background in metallurgy and chemistry, we were able to formulate our own solution, and set out to make this mouthwash ourselves. Robert started using the mouthwash we created, with the result that within a month, unbelievably as it seemed, his teeth had tightened up in his gums, his gums had stopped bleeding, the bad breath was gone and the purple discoloration had disappeared. This formula that he used is now known as VITA-MYR Zinc Plus Herbal Mouthwash.
We never set out to make this a commercial venture, but as people began to notice Robert was feeling better and had not had his teeth removed. They asked what he had done to keep his teeth. We had so many requests for our mouthwash; we had to find a commercial lab that would make our mouthwash to our specifications and at first, in small quantities.

After we started taking our mouthwash to health food stores and to health professionals, they said “Great mouthwash, now go and make a toothpaste, with the same ingredients, but no fluoride, and no harmful chemicals.” It took two years to formulate toothpaste that fit our criteria and that toothpaste is now known as “VITA-MYR Zinc Plus Toothpaste. ”
Recently, being convinced that Xylitol is an effective cavity fighter and has many benefits used in toothpaste, we added Xylitol and CoQ10 to our Zinc Plus formula, and are proud of our new “Zinc Plus Xtra” toothpaste.

Our grandchildren, all twelve of them, are our greatest supporters, and they asked for a “fruit flavored” toothpaste. We added a natural orange flavor (with citrus oils and essences), and the cavity fighter, Xylitol, to make pleasant tasting, cavity fighting, Children’s toothpaste, “Zinc Plus Children’s Toothpaste”. (Adults love it too!)

I am happy to say that thirteen years after he was given that terrible news by his periodontist, Robert still has most of his teeth, eats and enjoys his favorite foods and has the challenge with periodontal disease under control. This was done not only with the mouthwash and toothpaste, but also with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, including adding more greens to his diet, eliminating and reducing refined sugar and red meat. He did an extensive colon cleanse, and repeats it yearly. He takes bio-available (absorbable) vitamins and mineral supplements, and CoQ10. He makes an effort to drink enough water, and tries to keep stress at a minimum.

Robert says that he owes his smile to VITA-MYR Mouthwash and Toothpaste, and says “the beginning of your health starts in your mouth, take care of your mouth, and your mouth will take care of you.”