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Why Learn Abnormal Psychology?

Why Learn Abnormal Psychology?

I majored in psychology when I was in college and took many classes in the matter, however the one which constantly is the most unique to me, and the one which has best served me over time, was Abnormal Psychology.

It had been a class focused especially with the study of psychological disorders and psychoses and it turned out utterly fascinating. Abnormal psychology not just taught me about such things as depression, anti-social personality disorder and schizophrenia, but it also showed me how you can recognize possible symptoms of psychological disorders in other people.

I took the course in my junior year mainly because it had been needed for my degree, and I instantly became obsessed by the class. Abnormal psychology was so interesting, in fact, that I would normally forget my studies in other courses because I had been investing all of my time reading and researching the material in that class.

One of the things that I found most interesting had been the amount of people who were in the course that were not necessarily psychology majors. Quite a few people of the class were English, education and also music majors, but had just believed that the class appeared like it would be fun and decided to enroll in it being an elective.

I met with one of those friends a few years ago in a local bar and grill, and we discussed the program ten years after we had graduated and moved on with our lives. She was now a band director for a middle school, however said she was constantly grateful that she had considered that class because it allowed her to recognize psychological conditions that a few of her students, as well as some of their parents, were having.

I think what I thought so captivating about abnormal psychology was that it is really the core of what psychologists do. It trained me in precisely why people who are afflicted by mental health disorders have the problems they do, be it a chemical imbalance and is in need for medical treatment, or a personality disorder, and can be tackled with behavior changes as well as therapy.

I recall talking with the teacher of the course about how much I enjoyed the class and how interesting it had been to me, and the man opened up that out of all of the courses he taught, abnormal psychology was his favorite as well. He explained he had seen far more pupils have that moment of affirmation that they had chosen the correct major in that class compared to any other he had ever taught.

For me, the abnormal psychology class is certainly one that i continue to look back on as the program which made me recognize that I had selected the right training program. It trained me in much more about the concept of psychology than any other class, and I will still return and study from the courses’ textbook every once in awhile.