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Why is My Blood Sugar High in the Morning?

Why is My Blood Sugar High in the Morning?

why is my blood sugar high in the morning

Why is my blood sugar high in the morning? Learn more here!

Each night, our body works to rest and reset itself from our activities in preparation for another day ahead. One of the ways this happens is through an overnight release of hormones, which may cause a spike in blood sugar. This likely happens while you’re still asleep and may be your body’s way of providing the energy you need to get up and get moving. Doctors sometimes refer to this as the dawn phenomenon.

If you don’t have diabetes and check your morning blood sugar, you may not even notice this spike because your insulin levels naturally adjust themselves to counterbalance this. However, if you are diabetic and check your blood sugar in the early morning hours, you may notice the dawn phenomenon from time to time.

Why is my blood sugar high in the morning? This article seeks to understand and explain the dawn phenomenon as well as some steps you may be able to take to wake with balanced blood sugar.

The Dawn Phenomenon

Many researchers believe that the dawn phenomenon, which happens between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m., is a result of the body’s natural release of counter-regulatory hormones. These involve three growth hormones which are cortisol, glucagon, and epinephrine. The release of these hormones may be involved in insulin resistance which may be problematic for some diabetics.

Why is my Blood Sugar High in the Morning? Other Reasons…

There are a few other reasons why your blood sugar may be elevated in the early morning hours. For some people, eating a heavy dinner too close to bedtime has a negative impact on their morning blood sugar.

For others, it may be an insulin dosing or medication issue. If you are managing diabetes, be sure to stick to the medicine dosing prescribed by your doctor. If this is no longer helping keep your levels balanced, it’s likely time to schedule an appointment to discuss medication changes.

Supplements to Promote Blood Sugar Balance

Natural Healthy Concepts carries several supplements and products that may help you balance blood sugar levels. Here are several you should check out:

Blood Sugar Manager by Nature’s WayFeaturing a unique blend of nutrients and botanicals to support healthy blood glucose metabolism, Blood Sugar Manager by Nature’s Way could be a helpful way to combat the dawn phenomenon. Botanicals included are bitter melon, gymnema, cinnamon, bilberry, and bayberry.

Blood Sugar Wellness from Bio Nutrition

With a comprehensive blend of superfruit antioxidants, Bio Nutrition Blood Sugar Wellness uses wild crafted herbs and minerals to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels. Each dose includes chromium, cinnamon bark, dandelion root, fenugreek, and more.

Provinal Omega-7 from Source Naturals

Palmitoleic acid is a normal component of body fats and cell membranes. Together with insulin, it works to support healthy glucose metabolism as well as liver health. Provinal Omega-7 from Source Naturals contains a concentrated form of palmitoleic acid in the form of provinal Omega-7 and may help bring blood sugar levels into balance.

Now we’ve answered the question: “why is my blood sugar high in the morning?” What changes will you make to your routine? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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