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Why Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Why Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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The oleic acid in certified organic additional virgin olive oil is 1% larger than regular olive oil and is in its purest condition and does not go by way of a synthetic process like typical olive oil. By acquiring a larger rely of oleic acid when combining it with other components we are acquiring higher rewards. Significant quality olive oil, these as licensed natural additional virgin, is complete of linoleic acids, oleic acids, palmitic acids and polyphenols. These acids basically get the job done by trapping h2o into your skin, guaranteeing that your pores and skin is hydrated. T

Polyphenols are quite valuable to our skin for a selection of motives. One particular motive is that they are antioxidants which suggests that when absorbed into our pores and skin, they will fight the free of charge radicals, avoiding them from doing damage. Two other added benefits of polyphenol is that it provides protection from ultraviolet rays and will also persuade new cell progress, so that new cells are made to substitute any harmed skin cells.  Hence, reversing symptoms of growing old like solar places, good traces, and wrinkles making it a staple for anti-getting older goods.

When you use licensed natural additional virgin olive oil, you are reducing the impurities that you are placing into your pores and skin and maximizing the healthful and critical factors for pores and skin treatment.

Fact: Olive oil – in some cases referred to as “liquid gold” – is closer in chemical construction to the skin’s pure oil than any other in a natural way occurring oil! It penetrates and hydrates efficiently and by natural means! That’s why we like licensed natural extra virgin olive oil and use it in all of YASOU pores and skin care’s attractive lotions.