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Where To Get Laser Hair Removal?

Where To Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal devices are flooding the aesthetics and beauty markets in the UK and across the world. I can’t tell you how many DMs we get on Instagram from unknown companies offering us ‘cheap’ laser hair removal devices. Luckily, we’ve been offering laser hair removal long enough to know what devices and companies are reputable when it comes to buying a new treatment device; in fact, our MD and nurse, Jane, has been performing laser hair removal since it started in the UK in the early 1990s.

On top of this, there are laser hair removal clinics popping up left, right, and centre. I’ve lost count the number of laser hair removal clinics I’ve seen come (and sometimes go) since we opened our St. Albans laser hair removal clinic back in 2013. So how do you know what clinic or salon to go to?

I’m going to run through a few things you should know before you start your laser hair removal journey in the hope that they’ll help you have a safe and happy laser hair removal journey.


What to consider when choosing a laser hair removal clinic

Who are they?

 Look for a clinic with a good reputation and trained, qualified professionals. They get an extra star if they registered with a regulator such as the CQC or Save Face; laser hair removal is currently unregulated so these organisations don’t cover this treatment; at the moment anyone can pick up this laser and apply it to your skin, frightening, I know. However, if your clinic has this type of registration or membership, although they don’t regulate laser hair, there is a far better chance that the clinic is run by professionals who are who they say they are, care to maintain their equipment, understand infection control, and have your care at the forefront of their mind. Do note that this is not essential for laser hair removal though, just nice to have.



Make sure that the clinic or salon has insurance otherwise, it must be a ‘no’.


The price isn’t always right

If the prices they’re offering are too good to be true, they probably are. Run from extremely low-priced treatments; this applies to all aesthetic treatments, not just laser hair removal. Ask yourself why they are so cheap and how can they afford to offer this price-think qualification, treatment standards, safety, and efficacy of the laser hair removal device. 


The right laser

The type of laser they have. This is important for your safety and your results as some lasers cannot treat dark skin and some light skin. Make sure that your provider has a laser that can treat all skin types; this is important in case you get a tan during your course of treatment. You should always let your provider know if you have caught a tan in the treatment area and/or if you’re planning a hot holiday as they will need to schedule a new test patch for you to ensure the laser is set correctly for your new skin tone. 

At our St. Albans clinic, we offer Soprano Ice laser hair removal. 


What to consider during your time at your chosen laser hair removal clinic

First things first

They should offer you a no-obligation consultation to discuss the treatment. During this consultation, they should take a medical history from you which includes any medication you’re taking, discuss the benefits and any potential side effects and/or risks of the treatment, and finally, they should offer you a test patch. If they don’t do these things, it’s not a good start for them.

Tip: Take a list of questions with you to ask during the consultation just in case you forget at the time.


Get comfy

Do you feel comfortable in the clinic? Could you see yourself coming here for the duration of your laser course? If you don’t like the vibe you may like to have a consultation elsewhere to compare. Feeling like you are in the hands of professionals is important.


What to think about during your course


Always inform your practitioner if you’ve had any medical changes and if you’ve got a tan or have been on a sunbed BEFORE your treatment, ideal call them prior in case they need to book a new test patch before the treatment. They should be offering you a test patch at 24 hours or more prior to your treatment should you have a new tan- let them know in advance if you’re going on a hot holiday in advance so that it can be scheduled.


Manage your expectations

Be realistic about your results. If a clinic or salon guaranteed your results before you started, run for the hills. Nobody can guarantee your results because laser hair removal is not an exact science; results can and do vary from person to person. They should tell you what the average person usually achieves with their treatment.



It’s unlikely that you’ll see results right away, we usually expect our clients to see some results after the 3rd session. However, some people do see changes after their first session, and some later. Take note of how frequently you shave your hair currently and see if that frequency changes; your hair may change in thickness and become lighter; your hair growth may become patchy where the hair has been in the desired hair growth phase at the time of treatment and other hairs have not-read more about when your hair growth cycle is most effective to better understand how the treatment works.



Talk to your partitioner; if you have any questions or concerns about how your treatment is going, discuss it asap, and don’t leave it until the end of your course. They should be happy to listen and discuss, after all, they’ll want you to get good results too! 



We don’t offer treatment during pregnancy so if you become pregnant during your course contact your clinic before your next appointment as you’ll need to wait to have the rest of the course.

Here’s what two of our clients, Lisa and Danya, have to say about their laser hair removal experience with our practitioner, Nikki:

“Nikki is a fantastic clinician, totally puts me at ease, answers any questions I have and makes the whole experience very positive, couldn’t recommend them enough.” Lisa

“I’ve just finished 8 sessions of laser hair removal with Nikki and so pleased with my results. Nikki was amazing at making me feel completely comfortable and checking I was ok throughout the session. Sessions were a month apart and each time she remembered the conversation we’d had the previous month which was lovely, would highly recommend going to Nikki! 🙂 “ Danya

If you’d like to know more about the Soprano Ice laser or if you’re looking for a St. Albans laser hair removal clinic to discuss this treatment, we’d be happy to help. Contact us here for a consultation.

Disclaimer: This blog is not to be used for diagnostic purposes. We are all unique which means that our results, recovery and suitability for any type of treatment will vary. Always seek the advice of a professional should you have any health or cosmetic concerns or to discuss treatments specifically for you.