What is the Safest Fish Oil Supplement? Learn About It Here

Some of you are asking, what is the safest fish oil supplement? To my way of thinking, the safest supplement is one that has been molecularly distilled to remove all of the impurities.

The worst impurities are the heavy metals such as lead and mercury. And the toxins such as the PCBs. These PCBs are probably the most dangerous, because they have been known to cause cancer.

What is the safest fish oil supplement? It would most probably be one where the fish are caught in the Southern Ocean off the coast of New Zealand. There, the waters are well known for the fact that they are pristine. Also they are deep, and cold, perfect for growing the plankton that give the fish huge amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids. The species of fish I would make my oil from would be the Hoki, a fish native to the Southern Ocean.

I would combine the Hoki with Tuna oil to give me an oil that has double the anti-inflammatory properties of other highly concentrated oils.

Please note, even though the waters of the Southern Ocean are pristine, the fish oil still need to be purified before use.
What is the safest fish oil supplement? My third pick would have to be one where the oil is safe enough to be used by our brain to keep us mentally healthy.

You see, our brain uses vast amounts of DHA fatty acids, and these fatty acids are what keeps us mentally stable. But, you should be aware of the fact, that if our DHA levels ever get low, then we shall suffer from severe bouts of depression.

The DHA and EPA fatty acids in the Omega 3 supplements are what keeps our heart ticking over. These two fats are the mainstay when it comes to a healthy heart. They prevent the platelets in our blood from sticking together and forming clots. Unfortunately these clots are the main cause of fatal heart attacks.

But all is not lost, this oil is a natural blood thinner, and as such helps to reduce our blood pressure. If you are on drugs to thin your blood, I always recommend that you see your doctor before starting on a course of these supplements.

I forgot to mention the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil. There are people who swear by the curative powers of these supplements. These people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis are adamant that this oil alleviates the swellings and the pain caused by this disease.