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Weight Loss Tips – 8 Powerful Tips to Lose Belly Fat and Stay Fit in the Next 30 Days

Weight Loss Tips – 8 Powerful Tips to Lose Belly Fat and Stay Fit in the Next 30 Days

We are bombarded with many weight loss programs in the media these days. Majority of these programs are based on vigorous exercise and calories restriction. They are an important part of losing weight but not enough . In addition you need to consider other factors and activities to lose weight.

Here are 8 powerful tips you need to add to increase your chances of success:

  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Eat healthy balanced diet
  • Eat for health
  • Avoid junk food
  • Cut down your intake of sugar
  • Exercise and burn the fat
  • Drink loads of water
  • Sleep well

Weight loss tip 1: Maintain a Positive Mental attitude

Having a positive mental helps you to stay the course . And your chances of succeeding to lose weight increases, the more positive you become Most psychologists agree.
You are more likely to lose weight when you have a positive self image. So the amount of positive self expectation and mindset at the beginning helps you to lose weight

Weight loss tip 2: Develop healthy eating habits

Eating a healthy balanced diet must be part of your plan to lose weight. Eat smaller portions instead of big meals. You can eat light snacks in between meals. You should eat slowly so your food can properly digest. Drink small amount of water before every meal. If you are able to stick to these habits you lose weight in no time.

Weight loss tip 3: Eat Healthy

Eating healthy helps you keep fit and stay health. To achieve healthy eating you must make nutritious and healthy foods part of your diet .
Fruits, vegetables, salads, lean meat and fresh juices provide are the healthy food of choice. These l foods are low in calories, rich in nutrients and help fight disease.. The result-is you lose weight and keep fit.

Weight loss tip 4: Avoid junk food

Stay away from junk food. Reduce your intake of pastries,chocolates. several studies have shown the effect of processed food on the body. Because they are high in calories,salt and sugar they cause a spike in the blood glucose level. And the result is you gain weight.
If you can discipline yourself to reduce your intake of junk food , you also reduce the risk of developing diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
The glycemic index is a useful guide to find how your body reacts to carbohydrate based food. Food with a glycemic index of 55 or lower are considered the best. You should generally avoid food with a glycemic index of 69 or more. Check out the glycemic index of most foods at www.glycemicindex.com.

Low GI foods help you lose weight , reduce hunger , keep you fuller longer,helps the body refuel after exercise, and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin. using the glycemic index is simple. all you need to do is switch from high GI to low GI food. Here is a typical example: use breakfast cereal based on oat, bran or barley.If you are disciplined the glycemic index will help you lose weight.

Weight loss tip 5: Cut the white stuff-sugar

Excessive sugar intake in the form of processed white sugar, spikes the blood sugar level quickly. Spiking your sugar level causes the rapid release of insulin which causes fluctuations in your blood glucose levels. Insulin stores excess glucose as fat if you don’t burn it off.
Studies have shown food containing processed white sugar, cause fluctuations in blood glucose levels. And put you at risk of heart disease and diabetes. Cut your intake of sugar. Use no more than 5 teaspoons of sugar. If you must use sugar use the raw cane type.and eat food that contain complex sugars which takes a long time for the body to absorb.

Weight loss tip 6: Exercise to burn fat

Your body requires regular exercise. exercise helps to burn excess fat and lose weight. By exercising you cause your muscle to do more work and increase your metabolic rate(the amount of work your body does at rest).there are two types of exercise you need to lose weight.Aerobic and anaerobic.aerobic exercise include walking and jogging. Anaerobic exercise include strength training exercise (lifting weights).the best type of exercise to lose weight fast is aerobic training.and the best type of exercise to “work your body -raise metabolic rate is anaerobic exercise.
And if you want to achieve best results. For best result combine 40minutes of cardio training with 20 minutes of strength training.

Weight loss tip 7: Drink loads Of Water

Drinking water helps to lose weight. Here is how water works to help you lose weight- water intake increase body metabolic rate . And as a result your liver and kidneys function better by activating enzymes that burn fat in the process. The result is your body gets to burn fat, and you lose weight in the process.
My recommendation is to drink between 8 to 10 glasses (half ounce) of water a day to achieve your weight loss goals.

Weight loss tip 8: Sleep Well

The final and most important tip for weight loss is to get adequate amount of sleep.

When you take adequate rest and sleep your body and become refreshed. You have less stress.When you get enough rest you accelerate your fat burning activity of your body.
You are on your way to lose belly fat and stay fit with these tips.