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Usana Vitamins – Real Or Fake?

Usana Vitamins – Real Or Fake?

Usana is a leader in the wellness and nutrition sector and is a very popular multilevel marketing business. Right from the launch, their goal was to offer top tier science approved health products to people all around the world. They succeeded in doing this by coming up with nutrition that people could believe in and combined it with a good pay plan that rewards distributors for doing the business.

The owner of Usana is Dr. Wentz who is a celebrated microbiologist and pioneer of human cell culture technology amongst a few other things. Dr Wentz wanted to stay in a world where there would be no disease, suffering or grief, which is why he strived to create the Usana we all know today.

The Usana platform has 3 different types – nutrition which has minerals and vitamins, energy which has drinks and meal replacements, and personal care like hair and skin care products. Inside their nutrition products they have two separate types of vitamins – Essentials and Optimizers.

Essentials are made up of anti oxidants and vitamins that the adult human body needs to be kept in good shape. It also includes Chelated Mineral which consists of all the minerals that adults need to keep good health and well being. Optimizers on the other hand focus more on specific conditions like maintaining bone mass, increasing cardiovascular function and keeping the prostate healthy just to name a few. It is important to say that Usana has some of the highest rated vitamins in the world.

By mixing health and wealth together, Usana has been able to let the normal person work from home and really get healthy while building their financial freedom at the same time. This type of business model is one of the best out there. Especially when the economy is in such a bad state and the American health care system is struggling to stay alive. At the same time, the general health of Americans and people around the world continue to get worse. So it is important that a product range as strong as Usana’s is on offer so that prospects will not only be drawn to the business side of it, but the actual products as well.

However, it is very important to realize that success in the MLM business has very little to do with the strength of a network marketing enterprize and its product range. It is very crucial then to learn HOW to market the business and this solid product line. Without first learning how to market the business well, it will be very difficult to gain any results in this business and will be like getting thrown to the wolves. It will be ripped up, chewed on and swallowed up, leaving the agent annoyed and bust. However, when a MLMer puts educating themselves first, learning how the business works, applying a system and using the best marketing methods, their chances of success is inevitable.