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Tips For Eating Healthy and Living Healthy

Tips For Eating Healthy and Living Healthy

The best way to get the nutrients essential for longevity is from the food we eat. Not only is it important to consider what we eat, but also how we prepare it, and how we eat it.

How we prepare our food starts from the food product’s inception; how the food was grown. Is the food organic or non-organic? Whenever possible, eat organic foods. Organic foods are grown without using harsh chemicals to control weeds and pests that destroy the crops. Instead, growers use natural remedies such as manure, compost, beneficial insects and traps to control weed growth and reduce the presence of pests.

Secondly, when preparing foods for table consumption, certain cooking techniques are more beneficial than others. Try stir frying your food with coconut oil. Consume some raw foods, noting that fermenting is the best way to eat raw foods. Too much consumption of raw food creates intestinal fermentation that produces alcohol. The liver must then detoxify the intestine. Fermenting (pickling) the raw food causes the cellulose to break down, eliminating intestinal fermentation, making it easier to digest. Another food preparation process is to use a food press, or more commonly known as a vegetable juicer. This process presses the vegetable until the fiber breaks, resulting in a raw vegetable that is easier to digest and with nutrients that more readily get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Now, looking at how we eat our food simply means disciplining ourselves to chew our food properly. The act of chewing is the first step in the digestion process. By chewing properly we prepare food to travel through the digestive track more easily. We must remember to slow down and thoughtfully chew our food before swallowing. You will find this simple act alone will help with weight control, bloating and gassiness, as well as with the final elimination of the food product.

Lastly, in addition to living healthy by eating healthy, some other tips for healthy living include getting plenty of physical exercise, absorbing natural sunlight, and getting adequate sleep. Physical exercise helps decrease problems with insulin resistance. Natural sunlight helps the body produce its own vitamin D. Adequate sleep allows cells to reproduce and rejuvenate themselves so that every organ in your body can reap the benefits. The more we eat well and live healthy, our bodies will speak back to us with the positive response of health and longevity.