The Proform 500 F Elliptical Trainer Machine

Attractively priced to start, the 500 F also offers a number of attractive feature normally found in trainers priced several hundred dollars more. Be warned, though; the machine weighs a bit, so make sure of its final placement in the home gym or wherever it will happen to be used, as it’s going to take two person to maneuver it around should it need to be moved again in the future.

Standard retail prices for the Proform 500 F usually hover near 400 dollars or so. Considering all of its many and varied features, there’s a great deal of value cooked into its frame and other mechanical’s. It’s also solidly built (though not club-grade built, of course), and most prospective users — who are out looking for good value at a nice price — will appreciate all that it has to offer.

There are a nice pair of handlebars that come with the 500 F, and they’re synchronized such that they provide maximum workout opportunity for the muscles of the upper arms, the upper back and the shoulders. It goes without saying that the legs will benefit greatly. It does all of this in a very quiet manner, too, which is a bit of a surprise once one realizes that the Proform is a machine of relatively low price.

The Proform 500 F Elliptical is also designed to be a nice marriage of form and function, especially as concerns its foot pedals. They’re built so that they put as little pressure as possible on a user’s ankles and feet, for one. As well, they don’t force a user into much sideways or lateral movement, helping a person to engage in natural movements, all of which help keep pressure off vulnerable joints.

It’s highly recommended that only those elliptical trainers able to withstand consistent use be considered for purchase. That’s not going to be an issue with this machine, for a fact. It also features a nice display panel and the foot pedals, on which one will be spending much time, help get across the point that this particular Proform is probably worth more than what its retail price tag displays.

The Proform 500 F Elliptical Trainer machine reveals a Proform model that’s very easy to get used to and which is sure to provide consistent performance. It’s very solid and comes built with a number of nice features usually found only in trainers costing much more than what this machine retails for. For somebody needing a home fitness machine at a good price and that delivers solid value, it’s going to be the case that the 500f will be the one to look at.