The Importance of a Healthy Brain and Nervous System

The brain is considered the control center of the body with the nervous system acting as the highway, delivering messages from the brain to different parts of the body. These vital systems of the body are being performed even when the body and other bodily systems are in a resting state. Signals sent from the brain through the nervous system control all body functions such as thoughts, the way you move your body, and even how well you learn and remember things.

How well these systems are working within your body can dramatically influence mood, attitude and even your safety. For instance, when the hand touches a hot surface, the brain sends a message to that part of the body telling it to retract the hand. If these systems are not working to their full potential, things such as reaction times are affected and slowed.

The ability to focus is also controlled by the brain. It is human nature to have multiple priorities running through your mind at all times. This makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand, which may require your complete and undivided attention. The healthier these body systems are kept, the better they will work for you.

When these systems are working to their full potential, every part of the body benefits immediately. The ability to focus will be increased, mood will improve, and even food will be digested faster. As the productivity a specific systems are increased a domino effect is created; every body part is working together to heal and maintain all other organs and systems. Brain and nervous system health can even affect your immune system.

The brain and nervous system, like any body part, will begin to become more susceptible to disease and decreased functioning if they are not properly maintained. Like a car needs gasoline, oil and regular tune-ups, your brain and nervous system need specific amounts of vitamin and nutrients to continue to work properly.

One disease of the brain that has been increasing in the past 50 years is Alzheimer’s Disease. This is an irreversible illness that has a slow and negative progression. Alzheimer’s is most common in people over the age of 60 and results in the destruction of memory, thinking skills and even the ability to perform the simplest of tasks. In its ending stages, victims of Alzheimer’s Disease may not even have the ability to remember the faces or names of people that have always been in their lives and even their own children. Although some studies have led certain people to believe that Alzheimer’s may be hereditary, all studies show that it can be avoided with proper care.

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