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The Grit To Commit Fitness Regimen

The Grit  To Commit Fitness Regimen

Do you want to start a rewarding fitness regimen? Do you have the “Grit to Commit?” Here is how to plan a successful program. Be mindful that having a plan increases the likelihood of your success. Grit does not refer to jumping into any exercise program to get dirty and sweaty. Your willingness to commit right from the beginning is what will make you successful as you start your program and throughout the rest of your life. So commit to:

# 1. Set goals–for example, lose ten pounds, have more energy, live longer–your ultimate goal is to be ‘healthier’ which can be measured by consultation with your doctor or even by yourself. Thoughts or words such as “I feel great!” are a good self-measurement.. As you progress you may want to establish new goals or add to your initial ones.

#2. Do it for yourself. You only have one life, live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

#3. Accept responsibility for achieving your goal–own up to it!

#4. Give yourself an initial deadline. Make sure it is realistic.

#5. Develop a solid plan (do research on diets, workout programs, hire a personal trainer if necessary).

#6. Start a journal–write down goals, diet, training routines and overall daily exercise.

#7. Anticipate some detours–do not panic when you run into obstacles–get back on the right track and forge ahead.

The next question is how to put it all together to develop and implement a balanced fitness regimen that will work for you? Here are some suggested guidelines to follow as well as a few of the many rewards you can reap following a balanced program.

#1. Your first step would be to design a balanced fitness program based on your needs and likes. A combination of cross training would be the best. This way your body would continually respond due to the changes in the workouts. And, cross training provides variety thus making it less likely that you will become bored.

#2. Next, consider your options: weight training, Pilates, flexibility conditioning (such as stretching with bands), aerobic classes or cardiovascular machines (such as tread mills, elliptical machines, bikes and many other new cardiovascular machines).

#3. Assess your weight loss and strength gains expectations: The loss of three to five pounds of fatty tissue and the gain of one or two pounds of muscle is a good initial goal. Plus, you should expect an increase of 5% to 20% in your beginning strength levels in most exercises.

#4. Check for increase in stamina and energy: a noticeable improvement in cardiovascular respiratory fitness, deeper and more regular breathing.

#5. Observe external changes: improved posture and self-confidence.

#6. Enjoy internal changes: a greater sense of living as a fit and healthy person.

#7. Notice an improvement in flexibility and range of motion: a supple flexible physique is less susceptible to injuries and allows the body to cope better with physical stress.

#8. Experience an improved ability to fall asleep and to sleep more soundly.

#9. Feel the rewards of a rich and balanced lifestyle: Awake and energetic during the day; calm and peaceful at night.

Start your fitness regimen today. Remember “Have the Grit to Commit.” Be well and be happy.