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Special Occasion Dresses for Young Girls

Special Occasion Dresses for Young Girls

Flower girl dresses and dresses for christenings and first communions do not have to be expensive. Those local stores you can find in malls and large shopping centers are notorious for charging steep prices for these types of dresses so avoid doing your shopping in these boutiques if you wish to save some money. There are a great many online retailers that carry special occasion dresses for girls and it is on these websites that you will not only find affordable dresses but also the very widest variety.

Christening dresses or gowns are quite often very beautifully detailed with silk ribbons, lace and satin ties. If you take some time to look around online, you are sure to find the perfect christening dress that will make a wonderful keepsake that you will cherish for years to come. You can quite easily find a typical, exquisite silk heirloom gown for a newborn baby girl’s christening day that features French lace on the yoke and sleeves at an affordable price online of less than $100 but the very same dress would put you out about $300 if you were to buy it in an high-end boutique.

The type of flower girl dress you buy depends upon the type of wedding the girl will be in. Typically flower girl dresses are made of lightweight cotton and are knee length. Quite often they are adorned with beads or a bit of lace around the sleeves and collar. The selection online is very wide and you can even find plus sized flower girl dresses as well as dresses made for the older flower girl aged thirteen to seventeen. Be sure that the dress you choose will fit the girl loosely because she will be in it for many hours and you certainly want her to be comfortable. Be sure to choose sensible matching shoes that are comfortable as well.

First communion dresses are white dresses that are typically made of silk or fine cotton. They are floor length and quite often accented with bows, lace and beads. You can find beautiful first communion dresses online that rival those found in local specialty boutiques but for a fraction of the price. If you are unsure of which size to choose, it is always best to order a size larger as girls can go through some very fast growth spurts. Plus, a looser fitting dress is much more comfortable for the young lady and a slightly big dress can easily be altered if needed.