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Re: AARP/UHC Medicare Advantage dental benefits

Re: AARP/UHC Medicare Advantage dental benefits

In the past 6 months I have had to modify dentists 2 times – dental techniques in my place are opting out of the AARP branded United Wellness Care MA dental networks.  UHC, and by extension, AARP, have chosen Dentemax as the underwriter for their dental protection and each practices  convey to me that they can no extended acknowledge the very low reimbursements from AARP/UHC.  And although my system pays the exact same for in-network and out of community dentists, out of network won’t have negotiated premiums and leaves me on the hook for the big difference.  Additionally, zero deductible added benefits (yearly checkups, cleanings, etcetera.) “could” incur added fees (in accordance to AARP/UHC).  That indicates “will.”


I comprehend that there are however basically hundreds of dentists in my space that WILL settle for the Dentemax arrangement, but this appears to be to be an ever-shrinking and evermore desperate pool of suppliers.  Which is not a formula for good quality treatment, and no, AARP, I am not intrigued in having my concern tossed about the transom to the UHC facet.  Your title is on it, I acquired it simply because of your standing.


My real problem is why isn’t going to AARP address this?  I won’t be able to be the to start with member they have read from on this concern.  I am inclined to spend (a bit) more for protection that is really a usable profit, but I’m not ready to consistently modify dentists just about every time anyone wises up.  This is a ideal opportunity for AARP to say “We listen to our membership and figure out that this is a difficulty.  So AARP/UHC strategies will now offer this new dental gain that price a bit a lot more but serves our associates far better.”


As an alternative, we get crickets, and one more “how not to get ripped off” posting.  Ironic.