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Psychology Today – Depression and Dreams

Psychology Today – Depression and Dreams

Because we have discovered the existence of the wild side of the human conscience, and because of the wisdom and goodness of the unconscious mind that produces dreams, today we know exactly how to translate dream messages. The wild side of the conscience provokes craziness in the human side because the wild anti-conscience is a priori schizophrenic.

Today we know that we can trust the unconscious mind. We know that dream messages are warnings, teachings and psychotherapy for our human conscience that needs to be developed to eliminate the dangerous anti-conscience.

If you are depressed, you can easily learn how to overcome your sadness, because you can see in your dreams what is at the root cause of the problems you are facing now and how you can solve them.

You may believe you know the reasons, however you may be completely overlooking other factors that influence the development of the reality in which you find yourself.

For example, before the invention of the microscope, nobody knew that there were so many micro-organisms everywhere. Because we know that today, we meticulously clean our equipment. We even boil everything, taking all necessary precautions so that nothing will be contaminated by the micro-organisms that cause several diseases.

In the same way, by interpreting your dreams, you will see that there are many other factors responsible for the problems you are now facing, but that you cannot see without knowing how to look for them. They are invisible to you, like the micro-organisms without a microscope.

Your insight will increase manifold.

In addition, your dreams provide you free psychotherapy and counseling for life. If you are smart, you will start learning how to interpret them right away! Start writing down your dreams today.

If you are depressed, you have a pressing reason to care for your dreams and a safe environment for treating your psychological and existential problems. You will know that the guidance you receive is absolutely correct and can help you develop your intelligence and become strong and self-confident.

The knowledge you will acquire interpreting your dreams should be reason enough to make you take notes about your dreams. In writing them out, try to understand their deeper meaning. The benefits you will receive are so numerous that they can’t be described in this one article….

I’ve mentioned many benefits in all my articles, but there are still many that I haven’t had the chance to explain to you, because you ignore the basics. If you don’t know what a cell is, you can’t understand how to use a microscope…

Interpreting your dreams with the only method that exactly translates their meaning, you will discover the other side of reality, where everything is prepared before it happens.

Yes, this is very impressive. Biologists have observed that behavioral programming determines animal behavior and human behavior in response to stimuli in the environment. This programming was prepared before our appearance on Earth, otherwise we would not be able to survive on this hostile planet, where so many dangers threaten all live creatures.

Since everything is so well prepared before we are born, and since we can predict the future, many things happen before we actually observe the results of them happening.

When we interpret our dreams we receive precious guidance. Later, we realize that we were able to avoid real misfortunes thanks to the warnings we received.

Preparation of reality is the scientific explanation for the possibility of predictions. Predictions are really possible and they can save many lives.

When you learn how to interpret your dreams, your internal world and your external reality become known fields for you. You enter into another level of consciousness, allowing you to solve all the problems that you were previously not able to, when you were blind and could not see what exists behind the present moment.

This is how your depression is easily treated and you pass from weakness and despair to self-confidence, courage and happiness.

If you are only depressed and your depression hasn’t become a neurosis yet, by interpreting your dreams you can effect a cure in only 6 months.

You need treatment, so that all your psychological functions will be developed. This is something that cannot happen suddenly, only gradually and with your participation.

If you are already neurotic, your psychotherapy may take 8 months.

However, after your initial treatment, your occupation with dream interpretation will be fascinating, since you will be able to predict the future and correct its development when what you see ahead is not how you would like it to be.

Your depression is, in fact, an invitation to the dream world, where you can solve your internal problems, and where you can prepare the solution for all the problems of the external reality that you live in.