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Primordial Healing Sounds Heal The Body, Mind And Spirit

Primordial Healing Sounds Heal The Body, Mind And Spirit

You are What you Perceive

All the primordial vibrations responsible for every aspect of the physical and non-physical creation are located in the silence of one’s awareness just like a tiny seed that contains all the information it needs to bring forth a giant tree. This field of silence is not empty or chaotic but organized, purposeful, and active. It is made of invisible designs that are perfect and flawless, translating themselves into the building blocks of our physiology. It is here where the frequencies of primordial impulses – primordial sounds – become form, where ‘the word becomes the flesh’. Because the transformation of sound or vibration into form or matter begins on the level of our awareness, we can learn to correct any malfunction in the body merely through intent or desire.

We all ingest, metabolize, and become everything that we perceive within and outside ourselves. We literally become the thoughts we think, the emotions we trigger, the knowledge we understand, the sounds we hear, the shapes and colors we see, the air we breathe, just as we become the food we eat. Wherever your attention goes to, the mere mental contact with it absorbs its very essence and makes it an integral part of your life.

Through mere observation of natural scenery, you create the same healing effect within you that it (the scenery) generates for all the surrounding creatures. Looking at a sunset or a snow-covered mountain may have slightly different effects on each one of us yet its overall influence is soothing and calming. By contrast, you may figuratively become as cold and hard as a jungle of concrete and steel if you live in one or see it often enough. Studies conducted in American hospitals have revealed that patients staying in rooms that face natural scenery such as a lake, trees or mountains recover much faster and require less medication than those who face the lifeless scenery of concrete buildings or cannot look out of the window at all.

The vibrations emanating from sounds, words, colors, shapes or forms are waves of various lengths and frequencies. They are basic to all organic and inorganic life forms and have a profound influence on our lives, too. We merge with whatever we perceive through our mind, intellect or senses of perception. Waves not only play an important part in the world of physics, they are the basic energy patterns that make up our thought forms and feelings as well. They become part of us and form a new set of information in our awareness, which in turn can reshape our destiny on every level of life – physical, material, and spiritual. Sound waves have perhaps the most powerful effect on our well-being.

The World of Sounds

Every sound produces sound waves or disturbances in the air, which travel at about 332 meters per second. Through complex internal processes, we can pick up these sound waves through our ears and eventually perceive them in the cerebral cortex of our brain. Our brain is capable of receiving an enormous number of various kinds of sounds generated in our environment and, what is most intriguing: it can make sense of them. It knows how to differentiate all the numerous sounds and link them to our auditory memories. Some sounds are words, which we call language, others we call music, and again others we consider just noise.

Every sound that our brain cells perceive stimulates them to make neurotransmitters that subsequently translate these sounds into specific physiological responses in the body. For this reason, you may feel elevated and cheerful when you listen to your favorite music or you may become nervous and agitated when you hear the jarring noise of a machine or the scratching of a nail.

Some sounds affect different parts of the body more than others. Instrumental music for instance stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain and its related left side of the body more than it stimulates the left hemisphere and its related right side of the body. If vocals are part of the music, then the whole body is stimulated. All the cells in the body can ‘hear’ these sounds because they have receptor sites for the same neuropeptides that the brain makes when it perceives sound. This also means that the cells in our body are capable of producing the same chemical messengers as the brain and they use them to communicate with each other through sound.

Our skin, for example, is a very apt receptor for music. If sound waves reach and touch the skin, which they do when you listen to music, the skin cells respond by secreting ‘pleasure hormones’ and other chemicals that enhance immunity and vitality throughout the body, provided the music suits your psycho-physiological body-type. This fantastic ability of skin cells may be rooted in the fact that they are identical to brain cells, except that they die after one month whereas brain cells can live for as long as a hundred or more years. Some people report a pleasant tingling sensation running through their skin while listening to music. Jarring noise on the other hand can make your skin shiver and your hair stand on end. In that case, your skin cells make stress hormones.

There is ample evidence now that all the 60-100 trillion cells in the body listen to and respond to all the sounds we perceive (that includes the cells of a fetus carried in a mother’s womb). Harmonious and coherent sounds make you feel healthy and alive. For this reason, music has played a major role in all the cultures of the world, throughout time. Every culture has developed its own particular type of music to suit the specific requirements of the various geographic and climatic conditions in each area.

Music is not just a fundamental need of every culture but a physiological one as well. In the field of health, music has been found to reduce the time of recovery after surgery and to strengthen a patient’s ability to fight infection. Patients are found to need less medication for pain, fewer tranquillizers and sleeping pills when they listen to their favorite music. A large number of American hospitals are already using music for therapeutic reasons. There is music that can reduce appetite, lower blood pressure or induce sleep.

Of course, not all music triggers a healing response. There is a musical frequency for everything that exists, even to cause disease. If you regularly listen to hard rock music, your lymphocytes begin to drop in number, leaving you more prone to infection. Low-pitch sounds can make you feel sad and depressed. For this reason, funeral music uses low pitch sounds. On the other hand, high-pitch sounds can make you feel happy and enthusiastic.

Yet again, as is the case with every other external influence, the responses vary according to body type. If you are a Vata out of balance (impatience, anxiety) then slow, low-pitch music may benefit you more than fast, high-pitch music because it reduces hyperactivity and nervousness. A lethargic Kapha type, on the other hand, can do with lively high-pitch sounds to get his circulation and metabolic rate going. A fast tempo is likely to increase your heartbeat and an irregular tempo can cause an irregular heart rhythm and even lead to cardiac arrhythmia as seen in the cases of some pop singers.

The Body – A Symphony Orchestra

Medical research has revealed that each organ in the body creates a specific sound that can be amplified by highly sophisticated measuring devices. The liver, for example, produces a certain sound when it is healthy. If the liver gets diseased, it produces a distorted sound. If you play the recorded healthy sound back to the liver, it can be restored to health. The liver sounds are different from the sounds generated by the heart, the spleen, the lungs, or any other part of the body.

All the various types of cells make their own characteristic sounds. Their specific electrical broadcasts differ from each other with the frequencies they produce.

In the case of an infant the measurable frequencies range from 1,520,000 to 9,460,000 Hz (cycles per second). The lower end of this fairly high human frequency overlaps the radio frequency range of AM radio broadcasts, which are from 540,000 to 1,600,000 Hz; FM is 88,000,000 to 108,000,000 Hz, out of human range, which means that we cannot hear these sounds, at least not consciously.

As a whole, a healthy body ‘sounds’ like an enormous symphony orchestra with millions of different musical instruments. All disease processes begin with a distortion of these sounds and can lead to a near-total loss of synchrony as in the case of cancer or AIDS. Can you imagine a symphony orchestra with millions of instruments all playing out of tune? What is needed is a few master musicians and a conductor who can lead and coordinate all the other musicians.

Name and Form Relationship

There are several ‘master sounds’ that command the major functions of the organs and systems in the body, others control the tissues, and yet others are in charge of the body’s energy centers. These sounds are identical to the basic vibrational frequencies that the various parts of the body produce when they are in perfect balance. Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, is one of the ancient sciences that knows of the therapeutic value of such primordial sounds.

Brain research has shown that the thought of an object such as an apple or an elephant and actually seeing it creates the same chemical changes and brain wave patterns. In other words, whether you think of an elephant or actually see one makes no difference with respect to the corresponding biochemical changes in your body. All material objects have their basis in non-material vibrations, i.e. sounds; and in truth, both kinds are inseparably one. In the not so distant future we will be able to make use of this intimate relationship of name (or sound) and form and spontaneously materialize an object such as an apple, an elephant, or even a diamond if need be. Today’s miracle will be tomorrow’s reality.

The situation is similar with Primordial Sounds. By using these sounds, you can restore the original forms and functions of the tissues, organs and systems. Regular use of the sounds can promote profound healing in body, mind, and spirit because they are projected from our own pure awareness or Higher Self. The sounds become the channels or beams of energy from our Higher Self and are used to perform their assigned duties and responsibilities. Not only does their regular use induce specific healing responses but it also stabilizes pure awareness and makes it increasingly available in daily life.