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Pilates Home Equipment – How Pregnancy Pilates Will Help You Stay Fit For the Delivery and After It

Pilates Home Equipment – How Pregnancy Pilates Will Help You Stay Fit For the Delivery and After It

Pilates is a special method which involves mental and physical exercise for strengthening the abdominal section and the back. It focuses on stretching and breathing with certain principles to follow. Pilates during pregnancy is really beneficial as it tones your abdomen and pelvic floor.

The principles of pregnancy Pilates are Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow (CCCPBF). The blend of all these principles will improve the balance with such as ease that one would never actually realize it happening. Many pregnancy Pilates DVDs and books are available in the market now. You can learn the techniques by following the live demo by the experts on the DVDs.

Pilates during pregnancy will ensure that pregnancy and labour are comfortable. It will also help you tone your body into shape after pregnancy as well. Pilates are functionally Pre natal and Post natal. Not only will it ensure a comfortable delivery, it will also help you to get back into shape after the pregnancy.

Prenatal pilates will help a woman to relax and stay fit and calm during pregnancy. It also prepares the women towards motherhood. It is always advisable to start the prenatal Pilates once you become 14 weeks pregnant.

Before you start Pregnancy Pilates, there are few things which you might need to closely follow.

You can consider these as the Do’s and Don’ts of Pilates:

· Consult a doctor and get an approval for practising Pilates.
· Pilates should be practiced under an instructor/expert and not alone or in seclusion.
· Do not strain yourself by overdoing it.
· Do not stretch too much, move within a limited range as ligaments tend too loosen during pregnancy.
· Avoid lying on your back during second and third semester.

You may join Pilates classes or get yourself a copy of pregnancy Pilates DVD for your Pilates home equipment collection. One thing which you’ll always need to keep in mind is to follow the principles of Pilates and practice it within you range and not to stretch too much.

There are several sites which offer pregnancy Pilates DVD where you can see the live demo performed by various Pilates experts. These DVD’s come with workouts for each phases of your pregnancy. The exercise performed in these pregnancy Pilates DVDs are performed by the experts themselves and some of the experts where pregnant while they filmed the exercise videos.

Pilates, as already mentioned earlier, focuses on breathing which helps in relaxation and also prove healthier to your baby as there is more intake of oxygen. It is believed to be a good form of exercise which helps in fitness even during the pregnancy. The nature of this exercise is very gentle and also there is no much need to stretch beyond your reach.

There are several types of stretch and toning exercise under Pilates. Some of them which prove to be beneficial during pregnancy are The Saw, Leg front pull, Spine twist, Side kick, Back strength etc. These exercises involve simple and slow stretching movements.

If you were practicing Pilates before pregnancy, you can modify your movements according to your existing needs and condition. Remember, do not rush or advance your level once you are pregnant. Do not overdo the movements which strain your abdomen as this might not be favorable to your unborn baby.