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Orthomolecular Medicine to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetic Wound Healing

Orthomolecular Medicine to Treat Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetic Wound Healing

There are several amino acids involved in treating erectile dysfunction. Four amino acids that treat this disorder are arginine, orthinine, L-carntitine, and glycine. Treating erectile dysfunction with amino acids is called orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine is the use of therapeutic levels of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to treat and cure disease. Dr. Linus Pauling is one of the early pioneers in this field. Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski is another important doctor in orthomolecular medicine. He treats cancer with an orthomolecular based protocol.

Arginine is one of the essential amino acid involved for the production and release of human growth hormone. This hormone is important to immune function, healing, and wellness. Many conditions increase the level of arginine that is required by our bodies. These conditions include trauma, heart conditions, diabetes, physical injury, surgery, obesity, smoking, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Higher levels of arginine are needed for diabetic wound healing. Medical conditions that affect the body’s ability to produce enough arginine are anorexia, autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, insufficient food intake due to food shortages, poisoning, severe toxin exposure, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, burns, broken bones, pregnancy, and post surgical recovery.

Illness, trauma, and emotional distress can produce hormone deficiencies which impact key essential amino acid levels throughout the body. Diabetes, anorexia, pregnancy, stress, trauma, protein deficiency from vegetarian diets, and malnutrition due to drug and alcoholism are conditions that contribute to arginine deficiencies.

Arginine can help weight loss, arthritis, fertility issues, liver disease, many cancers, body building, plastic surgery recovery, low libido, sterility, low sperm count, low sperm motility, and erectile dysfunction.

Arginine is a key anti-aging agent when combined with lysine and proline. Many anti-aging nutritional products contain these three amino acids.

Many foods are rich in arginine including beef, seafood, venison, walnuts, pecans, soybeans, almonds, cashews, wheat, chocolate, and most dairy products. Supplements are found in capsule and tablet form.

Avoid arginine supplementation until you have consulted with a holistic doctor or healthcare provider.
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