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Never Again! (Book Review)

Never Again! (Book Review)

It is time to stop those things that want to stop you. It is God’s will to stop everything that wants to remove you from his plans for your life. And you already know that his plan for you is to have the best of joy, peace, prosperity, mercy, good health and to possess all your possessions. Even if you are under his judgment, it can be reversed today and you will again start swimming in his grace. We also looked at other’s experiences and the modern Israel’s version of Never Again. Why did they adopt this slogan and how far have they gone to enforce it?

Sure, Israel has today become one of the most powerful nations on earth (It has the best intelligent organization – Mossad and the third best army in the world) not just because God is with them, but because they have also vowed never to allow the Jews go through those most dehumanizing treatments, pains, sorrow and deaths they experienced in the unfortunate, avoidable events of the last century. Today, they lead in not just defence, but also in agriculture, ICT, science and medicine. Yes, we can say never again today!

You will also see chapters like: Never Again! What brought this? Look at the rainbow, Covenant of exemption, Where is your altar? Repairing the broken altar, Bring me a bowl and Israel says never again. This book is sure an interesting read.

This is time for your restoration. What have you lost in the past? What has the enemy taken away from you? What did you lose because of your disobedience, your mistakes, ignorance or the enemy attacks? Look at it being restored now as you go through this book. As there is time for everything, there is also a time to lose and another time to recover. This is your time to recover! I know the situation looks hopeless, irredeemable, terminal, incurable, closed, but you will meet the God that makes all things possible. Yes, all things! If He could bring back a buried corpse to life after four days, then, what do you think He cannot do? Or is your situation worse than that? Tell me.

You to have double honour in place of shame! Never again shall you go through that pain and shame! This is total, complete restoration. Now, I pray that you recover everything you have lost in the past in the mighty name of Jesus! Yes, He is giving you back whatever you have lost. The joy is coming back. A greater wealth, a better position, property and good health are coming for you. A better relationship is locating you now. You are going to recover all the years and resources lost! This book is on audiobook, paperback and e-book and can be found on all major book and audiobook websites. It is authored by a journalist, newspaper columnist and a minister of the gospel https://www.scribd.com/audiobook/448171042/Never-Again