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Life Lately: Athletic Brews + iPhone News

Life Lately: Athletic Brews + iPhone News

Here’s a bit of life lately and totally random thoughts!


Photo taken from my new iPhone 14 Pro!! I skipped a year of iPhone (the 13) but was ready for an upgrade. When you trade in your old phone, the new one isn’t quite so much of a cost jump. The new iPhone is gorgeous, and I am loving the always-on lock screen. The iOS updates are great too (everyone can get those). If getting a new phone is a digital headache for you, you should check out my course, Digital Clutter! I help you solve the photo headache from today onward with a system I call the Mirror Method. It makes getting a new phone easy breezy. 

Fall Weather Is Here!

We are enjoying a drop in temperature and the crisp air makes us want to be outside all the time! So many gorgeous September days. 

And Fall Makes Me Crave Beer!

I just discovered the amazing Athletic Brewing! They make non-alcoholic beers that taste SO much like the real thing I was shocked when I first cracked one open!

I’d been seeing this brand around all summer, and they even sell it at our pool, but I did not have high hopes for a NA beer that tastes legit so I never ordered one. Recently I saw the Hazy IPA at Whole Foods and picked up a 6-pack and it was love at first sip! I placed an order on the website for all the flavors I wanted to try. Free shipping! (I was so bummed that the Oktoberfest was sold out already.) 

I am here to tell you that these beers taste so much like the real thing I honestly don’t even realize they are NA! This is so great as I’m working to reduce alcohol in my life (I do not intend to give it up – just always trying to reduce for healthy reasons!). 

My favorite so far has been the blue can – the Run Wild IPA – but the Cerveza Athletica was great too! 

Also spotted around Cville in Vita Nova was this hop water that tasted delicious. Now if only I could find a NA wine I love! Do you guys have any that taste good?

Real Beer

We met some friends for real beer at Pro Re Nata brewery, halfway between Cville and Waynesboro where Birch’s BFF moved this summer : (

These guys play so well together!

The food trucks we were planning to enjoy were closed that day, but we went to Smoked for BBQ instead. Delicious! 

They were born 4 days apart!

Mazen + Thomas

The bestest friends too! They love going to the downtown mall together and getting pizza then spending an hour looking through every item in the toy store : ) 

With Fall Comes Survivor!

I’m rooting for Lindsay Carmine who is about my age and from North Carolina. Should be a great season! Hillary and Ellen came over to watch the first episode with coconut popsicles from La Michoacana. Incredible flavor!

Fall On The Farm

We went to a friends’ housewarming party and Birch was all over this tractor. And the watermelon!

Best Carpet Cleaner: Folex

We’ve had these unknown stains in our bedroom carpet for ages, and I had forgotten about Folex until my sister recommended it again. Look how well it did getting the stain out!


Some delicious meals lately via Hello Fresh and Blue Apron (we’ve been switching around!) – you can find some great promos in my links. 

Pork Tacos

Panko Steelhead Trout

Lemon Dill Chicken Soup

Peanut Chicken with Rice and Pickled Veg

Quaker Oatmeal Squares

And one lone bowl of cereal because this is the best cereal ever!!

Fall Beauty

Launching next week: new sets from Beautycounter! If you want to be the first to see them, get my newsletter here!

The 30% off code for first-time orders is going away at the end of September. So if you’ve been wanting to try new skincare or makeup for ages but haven’t taken the leap, now is the time! Fill out this form to get recommendations from me!

KiwiCo for Halloween!

KiwiCo has some great seasonal crafts starting with Halloween. Check out this STEM Halloween bundle that includes our throwing up pumpkin. There’s a DIY Halloween set too! We almost bought a domino machine recently, so instead Mazen will be making his own! If you’re looking for a good reason to order some boxes from KiwiCo directly, you can get 50% off your first subscription box with the code kiwipartner.

When you’re used to wearing a mask all the time : )