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Kettlebell Workout – Strength Training Women Should Do

Kettlebell Workout – Strength Training Women Should Do

A kettlebell workout in a Providence gym is strength training women can actually do very well.  We ladies often assume that strength training is more for our male counterparts.  We aren’t planning on ‘bulking up’.  But then again, strength training isn’t so much about bulking muscles, as it is about toning all of your body’s muscles and strengthening your entire body; to get you into better shape and health altogether.

A weight lifting workout in a Providence gym, or one of its neighborhoods like Cranston or Warwick, is actually very good for women, since it helps keep their bone density at healthy levels, and thus helps to prevent osteoporosis.  And a kettlebell workout is a great alternative to dumbbells or regular weights. 

Kettlebell exercises are very intensive and will increase your strength, endurance and balance.  And what we ladies like best about them: they are great fat burners.  Nothing like a weight lifting workout with Russian kettlebells in a Providence gym to melt the extra inches off your body and to get you into tip-top shape in no time.

A  women’s workout, abs, arms, thighs, hips, upper body, the works, should always include cardio and  strength training.  We don’t need to get just one part of our body into shape, just as we don’t want to feel good about just one part of ourselves.  You want to be healthy and feel good about yourself entirely; so you need a full body kettlebell workout.

When you look at the regular, fancy and complicated looking equipment you see in most gyms and compare it to the Russian kettlebell, you may think the kettle bell weights are from another time and place.  And actually you would be right, since they have been used in Russia for a long time.  But don’t underestimate the simplicity of the device.  Modern gym equipments, fancy as they may be, would be hard pressed to give you the same kind of total body workout and amazing results that kettlebell exercises will give you.

Kettle bell weights are usually made from cast iron.  They look like a kettle, hence the name, or like a cannonball with a handle.  Kettle bell weights come at various sizes, which determine the amounts of weight, so they are as suitable for a women’s workout as for a man’s, at any fitness level, even though they may look like it would take herculean strength to wield them.  A full kettlebell workout in a Providence gym will take you less than twenty minutes.  So even as busy as we are nowadays, this is a great way to get into shape that fits into any schedule.

Now, when you get started with your kettlebell workout, it’s recommendable you use a Providence gym and fitness training programs that fit your needs and schedule; to make sure you get the kettlebell exercises right the first time around and thus avoid any injury, as with any gym equipment.  This would also ensure that you’ll get maximum effect for your effort.