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Implants, Metals, Stents, Lasers and RF/Sound Waves

Implants, Metals, Stents, Lasers and RF/Sound Waves

Can I use radio frequency skin tightening or cavitation on my belly/back/ arms if I have a titanium rod in my femur bone? Or is that far too near? I also have screws/pins in my hand as well.&#13
I am a 5’4″ 110 lbs. 73 calendar year aged in very good health with no prescribed remedies, do not smoke, almost never drink, and can hike 12 miles easily. Dilemma: I have 3 slender plates (approx. 1/4″ below my eye socket, alongside my cheekbone diagonally, and my nose) and am considering a CO2 Laser technique on my facial area. Owing to the heat aspect of the method, is it harmless to have this procedure performed?

I know it’s actually challenging to get guidance on these troubles. It’s partly because cardiologists are excellent with your heart, but just can’t and should not commit time seeking hold up with all these different aesthetic gadgets. And, our major treatment medical practitioners are getting to struggle an uphill struggle every single day with these company drugs groups to preserve excellent. Your board accredited dermatologists are your very best guess for guidance. I have a distinctive desire in this region for the reason that I am also board qualified in interior medication. Each condition is special so you genuinely have to question your skin doctor!

Excellent normal suggestions for considering about this:

  • There are far more than a few distinct methods RF/sound waves can be applied in these techniques. The key types are bipolar devices, unipolar and monopolar, but there are many others. To simplify it, this decides how the latest is passed by your system, or if it just stays in the skin.  It is challenging, which is why there is not just one straightforward remedy to this.
  • The trouble may well be the warmth that the machine generates. Typically it is the glue that cements the implant or the hip. You can see why you wouldn’t want this to get to a “melting” position and deteriorate.
  • If no latest is becoming passed by the steel/glue, and there is not a great deal of warmth produced by the course of action, it’s extremely low risk. For example, with the CO2 query earlier mentioned, was the implant glued in? Inquire your plastic surgeon if the CO2 would be harmless for you. Usually, CO2 would be safe and sound above an implant, but the skin is very slender in that space.
  • If the grounding pad isn’t positioned so that the present is travelling via the implant in concern, there is no heat produced. But all over again, please look at with your medical doctors. Many sufferers do not seriously know accurately what was carried out or what was utilized.
  • Lasers (mild waves) are not a challenge frequently for gadgets like pacemakers and defibrillators. Importantly, any RF/seem wave unit could be. You need to get an okay from your physician for these.

Methods for you:

  • If you cannot get solutions from the provider who is performing the processes, my suggestion would be to depart and uncover a additional knowledgeable place of work.
  • Try speaking to the business who makes the product. If it’s a health care unit corporation, they are meant to have a health care director who can respond to inquiries like these. Often they send out the default firm info, which is not usually that valuable.
  • Make contact with your surgeon who place in the implant or steel and inquire them. But importantly, only just after you investigation your self and know particularly what product you are imagining about making use of.
  • Question a board accredited skin doctor who does cosmetic work, or a plastic surgeon who has a potent laser qualifications, and doesn’t delegate lasers to their nurses devoid of understanding them.
  • Medi-spas are supposed to have healthcare directors. Request the technician to set you in get in touch with with them.
  • World-wide-web “research” is valuable typically for obtaining together a great list of queries you want to talk to.


Hope this can help!
Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD
Founder of SkinTour & MadisonMD Skincare
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