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How to Have a Curvy Hourglass Body Like a Brazilian Goddess in 3 Simple Steps

How to Have a Curvy Hourglass Body Like a Brazilian Goddess in 3 Simple Steps

Spring is officially here! You’re waist training with a waist cincher and feel you’re making progress, but not at the pace you’d like. Well, whether you’re simply trying to step it up in time for a special event like a wedding or graduation, or simply interested in getting in shape to achieve a sexy, curvy Brazilian body (small waist big hips) all summer long and throughout the rest of the year, I’ve got 3 extremely important tips for you to follow to get the hourglass body you want sooner than later.

Does waist training work by itself? Yes, it does but if you want to know how to slenderize your waist, be advised that maximum results in a shorter period of time will require you to step it up a notch, especially if you want coke bottle body measurements by July 4th.

3 Steps to a Sexy Curvy Body

1. Wear your cincher more frequently. If you currently wear your shapewear about 2 hours per day, now is the time to work your way up to 8 hours per day. Wearing your Squeem vest or waist cincher will pull your waist and stomach in while you wear it. You’ll also benefit from eating less during the day, as having your midsection pulled in while you eat will make you feel fuller much more quickly than when you’re not wearing one.

And you don’t have to specifically wear Squeem; there are several largely used brands on the market that will give you good results. Ann Michell, Vedette and other retailers manufacture waist slimming products that rival Squeem’s performance.

2. Incorporate regular cardio exercise. Cardio exercise boosts your heart rate and helps you burn calories and fat, boosting weight loss for women. You can join a local gym, such as Planet Fitness, which has locations throughout the country, exercise with a group, get a personal trainer or work out at home.

If you’re interested in working out at home, I recommend Beachbody DVD’s. Beachbody has several excellent fitness programs for motivated women. For our goals, I specifically recommend Brazil Butt Lift, which uses a Triangle Training method to reduce fat in hips and thighs while adding beautiful curves and muscle to your lower body.

3. Eat clean. Clean eating reduces your intake of processed, chemical-laden foods that intoxicate your system and attract weight gain, sickness and other human health ailments. Fresh fruits and vegetables paired with whole grains and lean proteins – or another diet recommended by your physician – can create long-lasting fat burning results that leave your curves looking their best.