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How to Grow Your Biceps and Triceps – Getting Bigger Arms

How to Grow Your Biceps and Triceps – Getting Bigger Arms

All guys who are into fitness and who have ever been into action movies want big arms or have wanted to have big arms at some point in their lives. In fact most guys work out their arms first when they first join the gym, it just one of those testosterone driven things that have not been seeded out by evolution if you believe in that sort of thing. Big arms are a sign of masculinity and guys like to show how alpha they are by the size of their guns.

The mistakes we make when it comes building big arms

One of the first workouts we guys do when we first join the gym is the bicep curl; it does not really matter whether it’s the barbell or the dumbbell curl. We have the misconception that doing bicep curls is all that is needed to build monster arms. Yes at the beginning your biceps will respond and grow because of beginner gains (anything you do at this point stimulates growth since you were not used to it), but soon beginner gains stop and you have to find other ways to bring about growth and you will notice that your arms are not as big and thick (width wise) as you would have liked them to be.

The other thing we don’t do is we do not work out other body parts, which is a really bad move because if you want to look the part and proportional you have to work out other body parts. Imagine Arnold without his big chest and shoulders to back up his huge arms, he would not have looked the part and he definitely would not have won the Olympia or gotten the role of Conan the barbarian.

The third thing we do is that we over train and do not give our muscles enough time to recover and grow, doing the same workouts and working out the same body parts day after day. In the beginning this is usually your biceps so you do not get the maximum growth you expect from the amount of work you put in.

And finally we do not eat good food (healthy) or drink enough water instead we drink too much coffee, juice (not fresh juice), fizzy drinks and alcohol. Sipping on cola and other such drinks the whole day is not going to do you any good, and drinking beer (too much as in binge drinking for college and high school guys) is counter-productive. Drinking water will do you much good. Eating junk food will not help you build lean muscle mass, in fact because you will be eating more because you workout, eating junk will also add to the amount of fat you gain.

How to get big arms:

Getting big arms is about more than training your biceps it is about training your whole arm which includes your triceps as well, if you work out your triceps your arms will be bigger because your triceps are bigger than your biceps ( haven’t you ever wonder why triceps have ‘tri’ and biceps ‘Bi’ as a prefix).

Furthermore you should train your large body parts as well as this will help make your arms bigger because training you large body parts like your back and legs helps to release hormones that make you grow more and help you become stronger. This can be done by doing exercises such as squats and dead-lifts which workout your whole body.

A guy with big arms and no chest and shoulders never look good so it will be at your best interest to focus on those body parts as well, not only will it make you look better, stronger but it will help your other body parts recover because you will train each body part on a separate day. This helps avoid over-training, your body will get enough rest and it will recover and grow.

Drinking lots of water will allow for your blood volume to increase and improve the transportation of nutrients to your entire body. Proper nutrition will make sure you minimise fat gain and you maximise muscle gain because your diet will help to repair and build new muscle cells.

So you see getting big arms is not only about curling weights, there are other factors that influence whether you grow and how much you grow in terms of fat and muscle gain. If you follow these guidelines to growing your arms you will notice the difference in your body and strength levels in the following weeks.