How To Get A Bigger Penis – 5 Easy Steps To Bigger Size Naturally

Every guy has toyed with the idea of trying to get a bigger penis. It’s a natural instinct to want to increase our manhood. And with this natural instinct, we should take on a natural approach to increase our size.

Here is how to get a bigger penis in 5 easy steps, naturally. You can achieve bigger penis size naturally, and it does not require any contraptions.

This routine for how to get a bigger penis requires 5 easy steps which all involve the use of your hands and some lubrication. That’s it!

Let’s take a look:

  1. Warm up your penis. Take a small hand towel, soak it with warm to hot water, and gently place it around the penis. This will increase blood flow and prepare you for the exercises. Leave your hand towel on there for a few moments. As blood flow increases you can begin to start in on step number two.
  2. Get a semi-erection. You want to get yourself into the state which is considered “semi-erect”. This is somewhere around a 40-60% erection. You don’t want to have a full (100%) erection, and you also do not want to have a flaccid, or very partial erect penis (0-30%). You will know when you hit that window of semi erect. The penis won’t rise straight up, but will hang loosely while still remaining hard. This is the state you want to be in to perform penis enlarging exercises.
  3. Lubricate yourself. With an oil or water based lubricant, you want to lube your penis up well. This prevents redness to occur while you are doing your penis exercises. Don’t put too much lube on, but at the same time be as generous as you can.
  4. Milking the penis. Take your thumb and forefinger, make the “OK” sign, and wrap it around the base of your lubricated, semi-erect penis. Slowly massage or “milk” your penis forward towards the head. Release your grip right before the head, and then repeat the same thing with the other hand. Continue for several minutes, depending on which exercise routine you are following. UPDATE: Some programs will now also have you perform stretching exercises after you do the milking. These are simple. You basically outstretch the penis, hold it for a moment, and then release, rest, and repeat for a series of reps.
  5. Resting for growth. Out of the whole “how to get a bigger penis in 5 easy steps” routine, this one is the easiest. Rest! Your penis doesn’t “grow” during the actual workout, but rather it will rebuild to larger size during rest. So it is very important to stress the rest as this is where bigger size develops. The first thing to do is immediately after your milking and stretching, is to take that hand towel you used for your warm ups and get it hot again. Wrap it around the semi-erect penis and keep it there for a few moments. You will feel the penis relaxing and resting, which sets it up perfectly for growth to occur. Do not repeat this penis exercise until the next day. Some guys get over anxious and they think if they do the exercises twice a day they will get faster results. Not true! They are not allowing any rest to take place, thus they won’t experience any growth. You have to peform the warm down, allow it to rest, and lay off any exercise until at least the next day. Some routines even have you only exercise every other day. And most routines will at least have you take the weekends off to allow for added rest, recovery, and in turn, growth!