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Homeopathic Health Secrets of Cayenne Pepper – Part 2

Homeopathic Health Secrets of Cayenne Pepper – Part 2

In the first article about homeopathic uses for cayenne pepper entitled Homeopathic Uses for Cayenne Pepper #1, I went over eight simple yet profoundly effective applications of cayenne pepper you can use today to improve your health. As there are so many medicinal uses of cayenne and a multitude of ailments it can be used for, one article was not enough. So, let’s now go into a little more depth of cayenne pepper health benefits.

1) Have digestion problems? Cayenne pepper promotes healthy digestion and peristaltic movements within the bowels. (Of course, it helps if you adopt a more healthy, fiber-rich diet.)

2) Pain of the joints and others like gout, rheumatism, arthritis, and are ready-made for cayenne. When applied topically warm or hot, it is an excellent application to those who have such joint problems and swelling.

3) Not many get scarlet fever or diphtheria anymore, but Cayenne is an excellent gargle for it as it is an antiseptic herb as well.

4) Have cold sores or ulcers in the mouth? Cayenne can help heal them. How about strep throat or tonsillitis? Cayenne pepper or capsicum as it is sometimes called (it’s just a synonym), when gargled, will help heal it.

5) Cayenne is an excellent remedy for the common viral cold. When taken with slippery elm (a very soothing herb, honey or molasses and taken throughout the day will stop the cold. Cayenne produces perspiration to those who take it and to those who are suffering from a cold or the flu, they need to get those impurities out of the lymphatic system. Cayenne will help do that.

6) It is an excellent herb for removing obstructed menstruation.

7) For pregnant women, it is superb for relieving pains of the womb.

8) It may seem counter intuitive, but Cayenne is actually an excellent herb for relieving sea sickness.

9) A great cayenne pepper health benefit is it helps to shrink or regress hemorrhoids.

10) Snake bites are very rare, but it can be very helpful to help slow the spread of the poison throughout your system before you get to a doctor.

11) Oral drinking of the “cayenne pepper detoxification drink”, as some call it, actually helps to stimulate the gall bladder reflex. This can be beneficial to those suffering from gall bladder problems.

12) Cayenne helps to prevent and treat the formation of blood clots in the system

13) Capsicum is great for the kidneys, pancreas, and the spleen.

14) Because of its literal almost instant action on the blood, it can stop in its tracts a bloody nose.

15) Cayenne is fantastic with all forms of ague or fever distinguished by paroxysms of chills and sweating like in malaria.

16) It is an excellent expectorant where it helps to facilitate the discharge of excessive mucus in the respiratory passages

17) It is helpful to arrest yellow fever

18) It is good for those who cannot seem to catch their breath (asthmatical asphyxia) as it is a stimulant herb among its other numerous curative powers.

Needless to say, while cayenne is a phenomenal herb, you should attempt to improve your diet and adopt a more healthy lifestyle so as to prevent some of these ills from happening. Limiting your intake of red meat, dairy products like milk, cheese and eggs is a great start. Severely limiting caffeine and processed sugar foods in your diet is also very wise.

Clearly, western medicine is a great benefit to modern man, but medicinal herbs could be so too if the medical establishment didn’t have such a stranglehold on our health care system in this society. (While cayenne and other herbs are wonderful aids in restoring health, you should always seek out a licensed medical doctor for your ills.)


We’re not done yet. Look for the third installment of this article series, Homeopathic Uses for Cayenne Pepper #3 for there are even more uses and key information you need to know about this magnificent medicinal herb.