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Healthy Foods to Eat Without Going Hungry

Healthy Foods to Eat Without Going Hungry

We are what we eat! I’m not sure who said that, but just what did they mean exactly? Perhaps it simply translates to those of use that live off burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, and all things branded with the junk and convenience food labels become fat an wobbly individuals who suffer all the ills that obesity can throw. Someone who eats healthily and moderately, on the other hand, is an active, slender, and naturally healthy soul, who enjoys good health more often than not. Well, whatever it means and whoever said it is perhaps not so important, but if we care anything about ourselves and our general wellbeing, then knowing which healthy foods to eat then eating them is paramount.

So, just what fuel and nutrition do you feed on? I hope you’re not like I am (or used to be), which was a sugar feasting, salt crunching, fat chewing food junky. I ate anything and everything that was potentially damaging to general health and wellbeing, but as a youth I had a very fast metabolism, and through ignorance, thought that so long as I stayed slim, there were no risks to my health despite my diet.

Little did I know that cholesterol can build up regardless of ones physical size, and more recently I’ve discovered that there are many foodstuffs associated with cancers, stokes, fatigue, and digestion. Oh, I could go on but this short piece is not about me and my lot but more to promote the benefits of what healthy foods to eat in general.

With the explosion of information on the internet of recent years, it’s not difficult to do a little research and find out which are the healthy foods to eat and what are not, but the major problem most folks have had with healthy diets, healthy foods, and controlled eating, is twofold. Firstly, many believe that the selection of healthy foods to eat is limited in choice and quite tasteless. Secondly, there’s a misconception that to eat healthily means you walk around half starved most of the time and it’s this latter perception which deters people from forming new and nourishing eating habits. Both of the above ideas are wrong. It may have been the case years ago, but never before has there been more variety, tastes, and filling foods from the health camp.

If you check out any of the latest developments with many of the eating plans from the South Beach Diet to Weight Watchers, and anything in between, you will surely be amazed at what you can eat nowadays and get away with it. Technology has indeed provided us which a plethora of great new healthy foods to eat while at the same time maintaining a diet which is free from harsh additives, preservatives and access calories.

With obesity becoming an ever increasing problem in the western hemisphere, there has never been a greater need for us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones with regards to feeding. One of the great things about following an healthy eating plan is that you will be getting all the daily fiber, antioxidants, and proteins that your bodies need, but even if you don’t want to join a plan, it’s still a good idea to wise up on what you should be consuming on a daily basis, and perhaps more importantly, what you shouldn’t.

Changing habits and routines is rarely effortless, and this is especially the true with regards to eating. Yes the ideas are simple but the implementation and sticking with it is not easy, and you really have to want it to make it work. All I can say is that since the day I made a decision to change the way I eat and got knowledgeable on which healthy foods to eat, my life has never been better. I have more energy than I’ve ever known, I’m more decisive, my skin has improved, and my attitude and outlook upon life is totally altered for the best.

What about you? Are your ready for a new and healthier lifestyle?