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Healthy Eating Tips – Most Easy Ways to Develop Your Healthy Dieting Habit

Healthy Eating Tips – Most Easy Ways to Develop Your Healthy Dieting Habit

Is the word “Healthy Eating” keeping you away from developing your healthy dieting habit?

In the process of developing your healthy dieting habit, you do not need to keep your body shape unrealistically thin, you also do not need to stay away from the food that you love or rigid to the food portion that you eat. Healthy eating is more concentrated to its ability of enhancing your feeling of greatness, increasing your energy level, at the same time improving your body’s health.

Healthy eating habit is not difficult to be built-up. Firstly, you need to understand some basic knowledge of nutrition and practice it in the way that suitable for you. It is begun with a question of “How to Eat Smartly?”. You are not only what you eat, but also how you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Secondly, you should identify which food is suitable for you and which food you should lesser your intake base on your personal health record. For example, if you are suffering from hyper pressure, you should eat more vegetable and fruit and lesser your consumption of meat. If you are looking for meat, you should opt for lean meat instead of red meat. Besides, if you are facing obesity problem, you should lesser your intake of sugar and carbohydrate food. Choosing the food you eat correctly may help to reduce the risk of illness, promote better mood and boost up your energy level.

How to Begin?

• Food Pyramid. Use food pyramid as your starting guide. You should first identify the categories of food that you are supposed to eat more and the categories of food you should eat less. Put more concern on the variety, color and freshness of food. Put priority to fresh vegetable, fruit, seafood, and whole grain food. Besides, the consumption of red meat, white rice and cheesy bread should be in controlled. Try to avoid the intake of junk food and soda drink.

• Breakfast Eat Like a King, Lunch Eat Like a Prince, and Dinner Eat Like a Beggar. Not necessary to count on the food calories or to restrict yourself on the food portion that you eat. You can control your food portion by eating only 80% full. Follow the golden rule for dieting: “Breakfast Eat like a King, Lunch Eat like a Prince, and Dinner Eat like a Beggar”. This is because the amount of energy that we need in different time is very much different depending on the activities level and metabolism rate. Excessive calories retain in our body will transform into fat and stored inside our body. It is hard to burn off subsequently.

• Do Not Skip Your Meal. Do not try to skip your meal to achieve your weight loss goal. Your body will go into a starvation mode and consequently slower your body metabolism rate when you are skipping your meal. Skipping meal may lead to many health problems where doctors and dietician are strongly not recommended their client to practice. When you are skipping your meal, you will tend to feel dizziness, sleepiness, lack of energy, headache and feel of cold.

• Healthy Recipes and Healthy Cooking Methods. In the effort of improving your eating habit, one of the effective ways is to change your conventional cooking methods with healthier cooking techniques. For example, you may replace your butter with olive oil as your cooking oil, avoid deep fry cooking method, lesser the amount of sugar and salt in your recipes, etc.