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Gothic Ring – Alchemy Gothic Rings, Mysterious Jewelry That Is Stunningly Breathtaking

Gothic Ring – Alchemy Gothic Rings, Mysterious Jewelry That Is Stunningly Breathtaking

If you have a present to buy for somebody who likes to be a little different from the norm and shuns conventionality and does not follow the crowd, have you considered a Gothic ring as an awesome gift that will not only tick all the right boxes from the ever so slightly different aspect but they are also a breathtaking piece of jewelry too?

Whatever you do, do not be put off by the name Gothic ring. I realise that stereotypical Gothic fashion conjures up ideas of maybe dark and morbid with black featuring heavily as a colour scheme but, thinking more laterally Gothic architecture (which dates back to the 12th to 16th century) really is a heavy inspiration for the styles and designs of these fantastic finger adornments.

If you really have no idea as to what to expect, prepare to be totally blown away. Yes, they fit over your finger so I guess by definition you have a ring but, this where convention is very much left behind at your local jewelry store.

They also have other names such as armor ring, skull ring and medieval ring too and with some of the designs featuring pointed arches and ornate carvings you get the feel for the reasons why they have been given these richly deserved titles. Images of armor clad knights of old fighting for their honour and a maidens hand are easy to see. Typically covering from the base of the finger to just under your nail bed or second knuckle they portray the perfect piece of protection for your chosen digit.

Made of pewter or sterling silver and cleverly jointed in the same places as your own, they are comfortable to wear and move easily with your own hand. What makes them so fantastic is how visually impactive they are which is why they are sure to make a really amazing gift for anybody who loves to express their individuality in a very dramatic way.

It can be strange to see how things evolve and the original Goths were an Eastern Germanic tribe who helped cause the downfall of the Roman Empire and over time anything Gothic came to equal barbaric or pagan. Believe it or not, this is turn lead to medieval architecture being labelled as Gothic architecture and the nostalgia with anything medieval led to this type of building being linked to the supernatural.

By the time the 18th century was upon us, somehow Gothic novels were all the rage and the horror literature featured graveyards, churches and vampires which again is where the influences are symbolised and captured in the jewelry. Gothic rings are not for the fainthearted, they ooze a quiet charm and mystery that is to be totally respected. What an amazing thing to be able to give to somebody, a real privilege that will be treasured without a doubt.