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Five Benefits of Hair Replacement Therapy

Five Benefits of Hair Replacement Therapy

What do men fear most about aging? According to a recent survey from the UK, balding beat out impotence, obesity, and even heart disease for the top spot. A staggering 94 percent of respondents said that losing their hair terrified them more than any other age-related option. With that in mind, here are five benefits of hair replacement therapy.

1. No More Bald Jokes

As a society, we’ve become far more accepting of people’s differences in recent years. It is no longer considered permissible to make fun of someone based on their age, gender, or physical appearance. The one and only exception is if that person has lost or is losing their hair. Bald folks are quite possibly the only group that can be subjected to public ridicule with impunity. This is especially true when the butt of the joke is a man. The reason? Because most guys eventually lose their locks, they are expected to get over it. Dealing with the loss is made even more difficult when friends and strangers deride them on a regular basis.

2. Restores Self-Confidence

Countless studies have shown that most guys lose confidence when they start shedding their manly mane. While the jokes certainly don’t help, the main problem seems to be an internal one. The simple fact is that most men do not consider bald to be beautiful. So when they start down that lonely path, it can be difficult for them to accept their new reality.

3. Increases Attractiveness

It may not be a deal-breaker for most women, but some shallow gals simply will not date a guy with a bare head. Men who are showing scalp are well aware of this fact, and it tends to affect their confidence adversely with the ladies. Investing in hair replacement therapy can help get them back in the saddle again.

4. Turns Back the Clock

Whether it’s true or not, most folks associate baldness with old age. As a result, even younger guys who are hair deprived are often seen as looking older than they really are. Not only can this perception harm a man’s self-confidence, but it may also make him seem less energetic and capable. This can hurt him in today’s ultra-competitive workplace, where youth and energy are prized above all else.

5. Stops the Charade

For all the reasons we’ve mentioned, some guys try to hide their hair loss. They might wear a lot of hats, employ the infamous comb-over, or stay inside on Saturday night. But none of those tactics will stop their locks from falling out. The only effective way to deal with the problem is to see a specialist.

Hair replacement therapy can help any man regain the mane he’s lost.