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DMK’s StemZyme is everything we hoped it would be

DMK’s StemZyme is everything we hoped it would be
DMK’s StemZyme is everything we hoped it would be

DMK Skin Revision line has unveiled their long awaited Stemzyme and it is everything we didn’t know we needed. I’ve been trying to figure out how to translate the science to laymen’s terms and hopefully, this article will articulate that well.

As we age, we see a vast amount of changes within our skin. The pores change, we see more fine lines, our jowls start to be more prominent and our neck skin becomes loser and more wrinkled. Many of us would like to correct our features as naturally as possible without having to undergo the a plastic surgeon’s office. If any of these concerns are something you resonate with, then look no further. StemZyme is here.

What is StemZyme?

Our skin contains melanocytes (regulates pigment), Langerhans cells (skin’s immune system), Fibroblasts (collagen), and keratinocytes (travel to the surface of the skin and flatten to become dead skin cells-corneocytes). These are different from the Stem Cell which is specialized cells that divide and renew themselves. The body regularly replenishes its supply of stem cells.

There are different types of stem cells and DMK has found a way to use plant-based products called induced pluripotent stem cells to work with our own cells.. When adults age, they have declining adult epidermal stems cells present that result in:

  • lines and wrinkles
  • loss of firmness
  • uneven skin tone and discoloration
  • uneven skin texture
  • dull, sallow complexion
  • enlarged pores
  • dry skin
  • skin that’s prone to immunogenic shock and hypersensitivity

DMK’s StemZyme aids in the process of adult epidermal stem cell renewal. StemZyme stregthen’s the skin’s immune response and provides advanced age management techniques to give healthier tissues and complexions. Using this method is safe and effective while correcting the vast majority of skin conditions. Do you have ecxema? dermatitis? The range of skin conditions able to be corrected is huge.

The other piece of good news is that it helps botox and fillers last longer when scheduled 1 week after your StemZyme treatment. The other exciting piece is that when you schedule your StemZyme package of 5 treatments, you will also receive 50 days of home prescriptives. StemZyme is a revolutionary way to harness regeneration. It unlocks healthy cell development at its source.

If you are interested in booking a StemZyme package, consider using DMK’s Clinic locator to find a clinic near you. Clinic Locator

If you are local to Tucson, Arizona you can book directly online with Incandescent Skin. Book Now

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