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Completely Free Calls Worldwide Via Your PC Today With VoIP

Completely Free Calls Worldwide Via Your PC Today With VoIP

VoIP – ahead of its time

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is nothing new. The technology has existed for the last 15 years, but early versions suffered from poor quality sound (thanks to the dreadful quality microphones fitted into most older PCs) and the risk of losing connection in the middle of a call thanks to slow broadband speeds. Basically, VoIP was slightly ahead of its time. Now, thankfully, technology has caught up with the concept of VoIP and making Internet phone calls, and VoIP is taking off in a big way.

VoIP basically utilises your broadband connection to ‘piggyback’ a telephony service onto your standard Internet package. By using data ‘packets’, the information is transferred into binary code, transmitted through the broadband connection and reassembled into an audio signal at the other end. As long as both PCs are working on a broadband network, the data transference is smooth, instantaneous and doesn’t suffer from any of the delay that plagues traditional landline international calls.

If your international call bill is causing you sleepless nights, it may be time to start thinking about switching to VoIP. Once you’ve decided which destinations you want to include in your monthly package, all you then pay is a single monthly fee that gives you unlimited calls to your chosen destinations. For business users, that can mean staying in touch with customers and clients abroad and providing them with a much higher standard of customer service. If you have satellite offices, it can mean better business communications at a price that doesn’t eat into your company profits. For domestic users, it means stronger bonds with distant family members and friends, without that worry of how much chatting to your relatives is costing you.

Use your existing equipment to make free calls

With nearly every modern home now enjoying the benefits of broadband Internet access, it makes sense to utilise that connection for much more than just surfing the web. Making Internet calls is easier than writing an email – but just as immediate and far more intimate. With modern VoIP systems, you can even use your own standard handset, as the call can be routed via your PC to a normal handset with no loss of quality. But if you prefer to use your PC, a PC-to-PC call can be free, as long as your recipient is also on VoIP.

For anyone who regularly calls abroad, the opportunity to make free calls worldwide using a VoIP system is simply waiting to be utilised. By checking out the VoIP packages available from leading suppliers, you can find the deal that best suits your needs and never have to pay landline charges for international calls again. For a small initial outlay that quickly pays for itself, isn’t it time you considered switching to VoIP?