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Can Elastin Be Absorbed Into the Skin? No! – Unless You Can Reduce Its Molecular Weight (Size)

Can Elastin Be Absorbed Into the Skin? No! – Unless You Can Reduce Its Molecular Weight (Size)

It is unbelievable, how there is so much talked about elastin and collagen in the skin care cream market. The question, can elastin be absorbed into the skin is often asked, and the answer is no — unless you can change the size of its molecules.

Unless you can do that — buying an anti-aging cream that contains elastin or collagen for that matter to help try and reduce your wrinkles is a useless and costly exercise. In order for a molecule to fit through your outer skin layer (epidermis) and then through your inner tissue cells needs to be of nano size.

The fact is for a topically applied substance to penetrate through your epidermis its molecular size needs to be smaller than 3000 and to penetrate through the cell its molecular weight needs to be less than 75.

An elastin molecule has an approximate molecular weight of 640,000 whereas collagen is around 300,000. So it’s not hard to see why neither of them can penetrate through your tissue cells when applied topically.

I am led to believe there are some companies in the marketplace trying to come up with methods whereby they can reduce the size of elastin and collagen molecules. However to my way of thinking that’s a waste of time, effort and money when you can already buy anti-aging ingredients that can stimulate your body to produce more elastin and collagen anyway.

Another issue that needs to be understood regarding applying elastin topically is that it’s derived from bovine sources, therefore this kind of elastin cannot be properly used by the human body because its molecular structure is very different to human elastin.

The evidence is overwhelmingly clear elastin and collagen in their normal state cannot be absorbed through your skin when applied topically.

However there are some new substances that have recently been developed which use the latest new generation nano technology to enable their anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream ingredients to penetrate deep down through your seven dermal layers, where they can stimulate your system to produce elastin and collagen protein cells in your dermis.

Your dermis layer is where all the action is when it comes to the structure of your skin — and boosting these two proteins in this layer is what gives you stronger, firmer and more elasticized tissues, which helps to remove fine lines and reduce deep wrinkles that in turn makes your complexion look smoother and revitalized.

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