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Be Big Picture Oriented

Be Big Picture Oriented

In writing this newsletter, each month I draw from my most powerful client coaching sessions and decide on a topic that could allow my entire reader base to benefit from the coaching that recently occurred. Last month one particular client had a breakthrough in recognizing his own tendency to get so focused on the details of the day, that he had almost completely lost perspective of what was really important. I’ve coached clients that have lost sight of the big picture at work, in their relationships, and with their health and wellness among others. Regardless of the situation, the outcome looks the same. This is one of driven and repetitive behavior, quite often leading to an experience devoid of fulfillment and satisfaction. When this happens we become so entrenched with the actions that consume our day that we do not even have the capacity to see beyond what we are doing in the moment!

If this is ringing a bell, rest assured I have good news. Getting caught up in our daily acitivities is a perfectly normal human experience and it happens to all of us at various points in our life. Take this time as an opportunity to step back and assess what is of real value and importance to you. Are your actions in life in alignment with your larger vision? Here’s a few questions to consider:

*When was the last time I evaluated my exercise routine – how could I make it more effective?

*What is my vision at work – what actions am I taking actions now to make that vision progress?

*How do I show up in my relationships – is this in alignment with what is important to me?

*What is most important to me in life? What am I willing to do to make this a priority?

How to connect with the big picture:

If you feel like you could benefit by connecting with your big picture more often, here are a few suggestions. Firstly create physical representation of what exactly is important to you. You can do this in the form of a bullet list, developing a formal vision statement, creating a collage, or by doing an informal brain storm. Once you’ve done this; create queues. Whether its a posted goal, a visible collage, a computer screen saver, or a referenceable notebook, make sure its visible such that you take advantage of your senses to constantly re-enroll yourself. Lastly, enroll others by telling them all about the big picture, whats important to you and allow them to provide feedback. By telling everyone, you begin to get excited, you set an expectation for yourself, and you generate ideas as how to keep the big picture ever present in your routine.

While some of our day to day interactions are destined to be more mundane than others (ie: tax season is quickly approaching), test yourself by assessing the actions of one day. While we may not consider taking out the cat litter to be a big picture item, its not hard to draw the connection to the strong friendship that enables. You’ll find it quite easy to differentiate between the actions in a day that lend themselves to growth, advancement, and a connection to the big picture with those that deteriorate or maintain your current situation.

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