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Anit-Smoking Slogans

Anit-Smoking Slogans

At least half of the world seems to enjoy the pleasures of smoking. However, the other half seems to be really up against it. From anti smoking laws to zero cigarette campaigns… this half of the world seems to have taken really serious steps in its battle against the fumes. The most effective tools that they employed are the slogans.

Slogans are words combined to form simple sentences or phrases which promote ideas. Since time immemorial, this has been used to promote general thoughts and even eccentric ideas. From “skin is in” to “no gut no glory”, there are just too many slogans that have made their marks in the shaping of history. The same is true when it comes to the battle against smoking. Anti smoking slogans abound all over the world, in order to be a little closer to the elimination of this abominable vice.

Anti smoking slogans tackle every aspect of smoking and its effects in very few words. The most prominent ones are those which delve into the health concerns of people around the world. A perfect example of a health related anti smoking slogan is “Save your lungs, save your life”. Indeed, the message here is clear. It says that the cause of various physical diseases can be traced down to smoking cigarettes. Other examples are “Breathe healthily, live happily” and “If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.” These easy to remember and rhythmically rhymed slogans have been used by various anti smoking organizations in their campaign posters, banners and even televised public service plugs.

There are also anti smoking slogans which deal with the pollution that the use of cigarettes can cause. As you may know, smoke is harmful for the air. The constant smoking of millions of people everyday actually contributes to the air pollution here on earth. As such, slogans like “Share clean air” and “Everyone has a right to clean air” have been popular adages when it comes to discouraging smoking for environmental causes. Even the improper throwing of cigarette butts have been choice topics among environmental anti smoking slogans.

Last but not the least, there are also anti smoking slogans which discuss financial disadvantages caused by smoking. As you may well know, cigarettes are not the cheapest things on earth. In some countries like Singapore, they can even cause up to $10 a pack. As such, it can cause financial strain on average earners which have been hooked to the habit. An example of this is “Too much smoke will leave you broke”. It is a clear statement on proper use of resources, instead of splurging on deadly vices.

If you are into the same cause, then you might want to make your own anti smoking slogan now if you can. It’s fun, challenging and worthy of doing. The best thing about this is that you can actually save lives once your anti smoking slogan’s message gets heard.