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5 Genuine Reasons Why We Lose Friends

5 Genuine Reasons Why We Lose Friends

Most of us are unable to retain friends as we grow older. The reasons are countless and few of them are genuine too. So if you are the one who feels guilty for losing childhood friends or school friends then you should not as it is absolutely normal.

Let’s find out the reasons why we lose friends.

Changing Priorities

In every phase of life, we have different priorities. Since your life is changing, you have to go with the flow. Be it studying abroad, professional life or getting married, the priorities need your focused attention. You must have realized that something you had at the first place on your priority, it has become now second. In most of the cases, that first priority even no longer exist.

New Role of Life

When you are on your journey of a new parent, the world seems like upside down. It is the time when your priorities changed immediately. Like most of the new parents, your key priority also becomes taking care of kids. No joy can match the bliss of seeing your child growing up. It somewhere affects your friendship and you tend to lose friends. That is the point when you no longer have time to catch up with friends like you used to.

Added Responsibilities

There is a time in life when you have more responsibilities and have no time to hang out with friends. It can be the time once you get married, or prepare for an exam or a promotion at work. This way, you have less time for your social life which in a way has an impact on your friendship too. You cannot overlook new responsibilities and on the other hand, you don’t wish to lose friends.

Refraining from Toxic Friends

Your friendship was started on a very good note. But with the changing time, some friends unknowingly develop a toxic relationship. You may find some of them have developed interest in you more than a friend. This may turn you off if you were serious about friendship only and did not wish to think otherwise. We also tend to discover few things about our friends’ character that may not go well with our values. In such cases, it is hard to retain even our best friends.

Moving to New City

This could be one of the most genuine reasons for losing away friends. When you move to a new city, there are lots of challenges ahead. Settling down in a new location may take time which is sure to affect your friendship to a certain level. Moreover, you get in contact with new people and then find it hard to stay connected regularly with friends of the old city.

The above list shares some of the most genuine reasons why we lose friends. However, a good friendship is not worth losing at all. Try your best to keep it alive and stay connected with old friends because they are the gems of your life that add value to your existence.