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5 Elements Qigong: Health Benefits of Regular Practice

5 Elements Qigong: Health Benefits of Regular Practice

The following Points represent a by-no-means-exhaustive list of the all-round benefits springing from regular 5 Elements Qigong practice. One 30 minute-or-so session, however, is not enough to generate measurable improvements. These spring from regular, repeated practice over a period of time

1. Qigong improves metabolic functions generally, particularly digestion and the elimination of waste products. Qigong is also excellent for weight-control purposes. Regular practice encourages youthful appearance, and balanced energy.

The 5 Elements: Fire (Red), Metal (White), Water (Blue), Wood (Green) and Earth (Represented by the Central Taiji Symbol) Each Correspond With One of the 5 Major Internal Organs Comprising the ‘Inner You’!

2. Qigong increases the oxygen supply to your tissues and generally enhances their overall health. It also increases your endurance, alertness and powers of concentration.

3. Qigong improves the effectiveness of your immune system and enhances its performance so that you become less prone to having colds, contracting flu and succumbing to viruses generally. Regular Qigong practice means a faster recovery-rate should you fall ill.

4. Qigong alleviates conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue bringing about improved circulation of the blood and other body fluids. It also enhances bodily mobility and the flexibility of your major joints.

5. Movements of the lower abdomen generated during Qigong practice massage the major internal organs, rejuvenate the functions of the body’s internal systems and delay the aging process.

6. The performance of Qigong exercises and routines soothes the Central Nervous System producing feelings of contentment and serenity making Qigong an excellent remedy for stress and anxiety.

7. Qigong increases your lung-capacity tremendously, improving your performance in a whole range of fields.

8. 5 Elements Qigong increases awareness of the ‘inner you’ comprising the 5 Major Internal Organs: Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart and Spleen and the invisible Qi-energies moving mysteriously within your body’s interior. Disorders amongst these ‘famous five’ are the most common causes of serious illness and premature death and aging. As 5 Elements Qigong focuses upon enhancing and maintaining their balanced healthy functioning its association with health, youth and longevity training is unsurprising. 5 Elements/’Wuxing’ Theory, the basis of this form of Qigong training, is over 5,000 years old and has been used in China for these purposes throughout this period.


Occurring invisibly within the body’s interior, the Internal progress Qigong sets and routines deliver is, at first, difficult to measure but will-power and inner strength (the kind needed when things get tough) increases in those who persist. Hence the presence of such routines within Shaolin Temple MonkTraining as their patience, persistence and dedication could be guaranteed–the very qualities needed to ensure progress in Qigong training.