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3 Reasons To Buy A Treadmill Mat For Under Your Treadmill

3 Reasons To Buy A Treadmill Mat For Under Your Treadmill

Why do you need a treadmill mat for your exercise equipment?

There are 3 reasons to buy a fitness equipment mat:

  1. Protect your equipment;
  2. Protect your floor; and
  3. Reduce the treadmill noise.

Mats are very inexpensive considering how much they protect both your fitness equipment and your floor.

1. Protect your exercise equipment?

Mats are made with PVC which is like a rubber mat. They are essentially a very sturdy exercise-type mat. This means they are spunge-like creating a softer surface than your concrete garage or basement, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood floors. Obviously using a treadmill requires you pounding away on the treadmill (or whatever fitness equipment item you have), which, if on a hard surface, the treadmill machine has no give (carpet is an exception, but what about protecting your carpet?).

The give a mat offers results in less jarring on the frame and components of your equipment which is beneficial in the long run.

2. Protect your floor

Unless you use your exercise equipment on concrete, long-term use could damage your floor. Treadmills (and all fitness equipment) are heavy. They can scratch, dent, and chip – depending on the surface. A mat is an inexpensive way to protect your floor and no inconvenience to placing it down.

Also, fitness equipment are machines with lubricants. In time, an exercise machine may leak lubricant onto your floor which may harm your floor.

3. Reduce noise

The spunge-like mat also helps muffle and cushions the noise an exercise machine makes. Any household appreciates reducing treadmill noise. Hard metal on a hard surface will likely be noisier than the hard metal of a treadmill on a sponge-like material.

Fortunately, quality treadmill mats are inexpensive and well worth the expense. It’s also very likely your online treadmill store sells treadmill mats. Don’t forget to check out the accessories of your fitness equipment store – it could save your floor and prolong your equipment.