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Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a native tree that blooms in late fall in our mountains right here in Georgia. I enjoy the yellow fringe blooms that it produces. We use it in HollyBeth Organics’ Marigold Toner.


Witch hazel is native to the US and used by Indigenous People to handle colds, eye bacterial infections, kidney problems, skin problems, stings and wounds. These days it is broadly acknowledged as an astringent and effective acne cure.

In the Wild

The plant is appealing for numerous causes. As one of the couple of vegetation to go to entire bloom in tumble and winter season, it is a person of the only food resources for insect everyday living (flies, midges, beetles) that tolerates the cold, therefore keeping a monopoly around wintertime pollination—an intriguing ecological specialized niche! Witch hazel’s seeding system is extremely exceptional. The prior year’s seed capsules mature at the exact same time as its latest year’s bouquets, and rather normally a person can listen to an audible popping audio as the seeds are forcefully ejected up to 25 out from the tree like bullets.

Animal Most loved

Witch hazel is also a significant element of animal life. It frequently grows in dense thickets, giving protect for birds and small mammals. The seeds give food items for insects, wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, as effectively as gray squirrels. Also, ruffed grouse and white tailed deer feed on the buds and flowers.

Skin Care Added benefits

Witch hazel is amazingly effective to the skin. Its normal astringent homes make it a terrific instrument towards acne breakouts, regulating oil generation and lessening swelling. It also aids cut down puffiness and tighten skin, producing it a fantastic defense against below eye bags. Experience oily or grimy? Witch hazel is a excellent pores and skin refresher. It cleanses and purifies, calming the pores and relaxing the pores and skin when carefully hydrating and restoring pure harmony. Suffering from razor burns or sunlight burns? Test a minimal witch hazel to relaxed the location and soothe irritation. Want a products that conquers all of these fears? Click right here to uncover HollyBeth Organics’ witch hazel based mostly Marigold Toner.